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Legalized cannabis and JB Pritzker



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CHICAGO – While there's a mixed bag of frustration and jubilation over the legalization of recreational marijuana in Illinois, there's never been a doubt about where Illinois Governor JB Pritzker stood on the topic. 

As far back as January 2018 – a whole two years ago – the Democrats that control the Illinois House and Illinois Senate were moving towards legalization, and Democrat JB Pritzker – then running for his party's nomination in that year's March primary – proudly declared his support for the next highly-taxed industry coming to Illinois.

Those state lawmakers leading the pot legalization effort also are some of the state's most vociferous gun control advocates. They pushed cannabis as a social justice issue – and since that time JB Pritzker has granted over 11, 107 pardons for "low-level" crimes involving cannabis. His office says over 700,000 arrest records are to be expunged with the legislation.

From Pritzker's Facebook page dated January 12, 2018 – ten months before he was elected: 

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  1. If you get hurt at work, the first thing they do is a urinalysis. If your urine shows you have smoked dope? Your workman’s comp claim will be denied. You will also be responsible for any damage. Then summarily fired.
    The commiecrats in the Illinois legislature and governor’s office is setting people up with their legal dope law. If you legally use dope, then you will severely limit your job opportunities, because many employers will still insist you pass a drug screen, which will include marijuana before they will hire you. And you may lose your right to keep & bear arms. Dope use is still a violation of federal law. The commiecrats in the Illinois state govt are sneaky. They hate constitutionally protected 2nd amendment rights and they want the people dependent upon the state govt. The fools who legally smoke recreational dope, limit their job opportunities making it more likely they will be unemployed.
    I think the state legislature should enact a law which would prevent recreational dope smokers from receiving welfare because they are unable to find a good paying job. As it stands the state legislature makes recreational dope smoking legal and when that prevents employment for the dope smokers then the commiecrats in the state legislature makes them entitled to welfare. The state legislature is an enabler of unemployed citizens. The preamble to the Illinois Constitution states in part, govt is created: “in order to provide for the health, safety and welfare of the people”
    Someone please explain how encouraging recreational dope smoking that limits opportunities for good paying jobs is for the welfare of the people.
    1) Now welfare dollars (our taxes) will be used to buy legal recreational dope and pay outrageous taxation on the dope.
    2) Employers will struggle to find employees who can pass a drug screen. Sure Dumassocrats in the state legislature that will encourage business and jobs to come to Illinois. NOT!
    Illinois has an authoritarian statist political system in which the state has usurped centralized control over social and economic affairs. The dictatorial state urinates on the state constitution to increase their power.

  2. This is such a common sense argument against this horrendous decision to legalize pot that it would not fly in the Illinois cabal that rules this state. As long as the money flows into the Illinois coffers, who cares how much it will hurt the average citizen!