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Professor Loses Position for Committing a Grave Sin: Telling the Truth




There’s one thing that’ll get you in more trouble today than telling a big lie.

Voicing a simple truth.

Professor Stuart Reges found this out the hard way. He was demoted and put on probation by his employer, the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering in Seattle, after addressing the issue of why so few women enter his field. His striking conclusion?

The computer scientist didn’t claim that women were only happy barefoot and pregnant, though you wouldn’t know it by the uproar following what he actually did say: Women don’t frequently enter computer science because — wait for it — they don’t want to.



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  1. Wrong. He has not lost his position. He was given a one year contract, although he expected a three year contract. He is still teaching classes.
    Of course, in 1991 he actually was fired from Stanford for boasting about drug use (speed, cocaine and ecstasy) and carrying Illegal drugs on campus.