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Rossi: Trump’s Impeachment “Badge of Honor”




By Randy Rossi - 

It is obvious that the Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi failed her high school civics courses as she boasts that President Trump will be “impeached forever” even if he is found innocent. In the United States of America, every citizen is innocent until proven guilty, even the president.

Anybody who knows the law knows that the Democrat’s impeachment charges and their impeachment process are unconstitutional, illegal, and immoral.

First, they don’t identify one single law that the president broke. Second, Democrats did not give the president his constitutional right to confront and question his “whistleblower” accuser whose accusations were factually wrong and 2nd and 3rd hand. Third, we now know that the “whistleblower” colluded with Democrat Congressman Adam Schiff and his staff to write his factually incorrect accusations.

Democrats would also not allow witnesses who could clear President Trump to testify nor would they allow Republicans to cross examine some of the Democrat’s witnesses to challenge their testimony. On top of all that, President Trump released the funds to the Ukraine within the time guidelines required even though Ukraine never announced an investigation of any wrongdoing by Biden.

To make things even worse, the Democrats did not have one fact based witness that could prove that President Trump did anything wrong. The only fact based witness who testified proved that President Trump was innocent when he told him “I don’t want anything from Ukraine. I want no quid pro quo. I want President Zelensky to do what is right."

This Democrat “impeachment charade” is totally partisan and purely for political purposes, not justice and our Founding Fathers warned us of the danger of purely political impeachments that could threaten our very republic. Not one Republican voted for impeachment and some Democrats voted against it or declined to vote. No future president of either party will ever be safe if this unconstitutional, illegal, and immoral “impeachment charade” were to pass the Senate.

Democrats were perfectly OK with Democrat VP Biden threatening to withhold $1 billion from Ukraine to protect his son who was being paid millions of dollars so that they could influence the VP of the United States for their financial benefit, but not OK with President Trump protecting tax payer money and the rule of law. But that shouldn’t be a surprise. Democrats have focused 100% of their time and effort on impeaching a duly elected president for purely political reasons.

But while Democrats abused their power and time and delivered nothing to the American people, President Trump focused his time on delivering the best economy in decades to the American people. He has delivered the lowest unemployment in 50 years, the lowest unemployment for African-Americans, Hispanics, and Asians in U.S. history, the best stock market in U.S. history, and he has given us 2 great Supreme Court judges and over 170 federal judges to protect our Constitution and Bill of Rights. And on top of all that, he just signed the fantastic trade deals with China, Canada, and Mexico that will boost our economy even more!

The good news is that there is no way this “impeachment charade” will pass the Republican controlled Senate. When President Trump is found innocent, it will be a “Badge of honor” for him and an indictment of the corrupt and immoral Democrat Party that should really hurt them in the 2020 elections if the American people are paying attention.


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