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The Dangers of Elite Groupthink




The Washington Post recently published a surprising indictment of MSNBC host, Stanford graduate, and Rhodes scholar Rachel Maddow.

Post media critic Erik Wemple wrote that Maddow deliberately misled her audience by claiming the now-discredited Steele dossier was largely verifiable—even at a time when there was plenty of evidence that it was mostly bogus.

At the very time Maddow was reassuring viewers that Christopher Steele was believable, populist talk radio and the much-criticized Fox News Channel were insisting that most of Steele’s allegations simply could not be true. Maddow was wrong. Her less degreed critics proved to be right. …

…Conventional wisdom and groupthink tend to mislead, especially in the age of online echo chambers and often sheltered and blinkered elite lives. We forget that knowledge can be found at all ages, and in all places. And ethics has nothing to do with degrees or pedigrees.



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  1. Three strikes against Madddow:
    1. She went to Stanford, a notorious leftist school
    2. Like Bill Clinton, she’s a “Rhodes Scholar,” which
    trains it’s “scholars” for a one-word government.
    3. She is an “MSNBC host.”
    What more needs to be said?