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Rossi: MAGA Hat Welcomed at Chicago Auto Show



Make-america-great-again-hat-png-2By Randy Rossi - 

Last year my friend and I wore our MAGA hats at the Chicago Auto Show to show our outrage at how Nick Sandman and his fellow Covington High School students were slandered by much of the “Fake News” for having the courage to peacefully stand up for “Right to Life” in Washington DC. We also wore our MAGA hats to show our support for their bravery and for “Right to Life”.  We knew that we were taking a risk in doing so but we were prepared for being attacked either verbally or even physically but since we are both pretty big guys, we felt the risk was worth it. To our amazement, not only did we get no negative comments, we got many positive comments for many people including four Chicago Policemen who supported President Trump. I was so surprised by the positive response to our MAGA hats that I wrote a letter to the editor about it to the Chicago Sun Times which was published and then I was invited to be on John William’s radio show on WGN twice to discuss that experience. The whole experience was positive and it told me that President Trump and his agenda have more support than we would gather from most of the news coverage.

Well my friend and I just went back to the Chicago Auto Show this year and once again we were highly motivated to wear our MAGA hats. This time we were motivated by the Democrat’s unconstitutional, illegal, and immoral “Impeachment “charade” and by Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’ s outrageous behavior in ripping up President Trump’s outstanding State of the Union Speech in front of the millions of Americans who watched that great speech which celebrated our great economy and the incredible accomplishments of the Trump Team which has benefited every American with the lowest unemployment in decades, significant increases in average incomes, and successfully renegotiating massive trade deals with China, Mexico, Canada, and South Korea that will also benefit every American. Once again we were prepared to get physically and verbally attacked for wearing our Maga Hats but we felt it was worth it to support our president.

And once again we were pleasantly surprised by the positive response we got at the Auto Show. At least 18 people walked up to us and thanked us for wearing our MAGA hats and said that they fully supported President Trump and hoped he would win in November.  Both men and women of every age group thanked us including an Illinois State Policewoman. The intensity of positive support for President Trump was even higher this year and people were more open about it. Surprisingly, we did not get one negative comment on our MAGA Hats.

The positive response to our MAGA hats is right in line with current polling data. President Trump just got his highest approval ratings even while the impeachment “charade” was in process. I have no doubt it will rise even more because he was acquitted and because of Nancy Pelosi’s outrageous behavior when she ripped up his outstanding speech in public which turned off even more voters to her and her party. No doubt the chaos of the Democrat Iowa caucus and the obvious socialist tilt of the Democrat Party is driving even more Americans to President Trump and the Republican Party.

While the 2020 election will no doubt be a tough battle, the combination of positive polling and seeing positive public support first hand for President Trump is a good sign for conservatives/Republicans. It appears that Democrats have crossed the line by declaring themselves the party of socialism, anarchy and open borders, and the celebration of the deaths of 62 million American babies through abortion. The other good news is that Nick Sandman just settled a multimillion dollar law suit with CNN over their false coverage of his brave and peaceful support of “Right to Life” in Washington DC. Maybe there is justice and karma after all!!


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