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End the Common Core Experiment



Unnamed (2)Given that Common Core demonstrably is a failed experiment, students in Florida and elsewhere across the U.S. ought to have the benefit of a common-sense replacement before 2023.

“When will time be up on the Common Core experiment?”

The Brookings Institution’s education expert, Tom Loveless, raised that pertinent question in a recent piece he wrote for the journal Education Next. In the article, Loveless laid out in great detail how the Common Core K­­–12 standards have failed miserably to raise student achievement over the past decade. You can read his strong, evidence-based article here, along with opposing arguments (unpersuasive in my view) for staying the course with Common Core.



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  1. My wife, the math teacher, says she has seen fads like this repeat themselves on 10 to 15 year cycles.
    “New Math” was another one, and is about due to be “sold” to a new, younger group of gullible school administrators and school board members once again.
    The promoters of this stuff are usually the writers and publishers of textbooks.