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Oberweis responds to campaign funding query from 6 GOP state reps




NORTH AURORA – Earlier this week, xix GOP state reps asked state Senator Jim Oberweis to answer questions raised by Oberweis' GOP primary opponent Sue Rezin in the 14th CD over Oberweis' campaign fundraising tactics. 

"The evidence released by the Rezin campaign appears well documented and corroborated by a State’s Attorney," the six said in a press release. "The improper transfer of campaign funds between Jim Oberweis’ state and federal campaign accounts deserve more of an explanation by the Oberweis campaign."

Later that day, Oberweis answered State Representatives Mark Batinick, Tom Demmer, Jeff Keicher, Dan Ugaste, Steve Reick, and Grant Wehrli questions.

"At the request of a friend in Kendall County, I reached out to Karen Donnelly to talk about helping out her campaign because I was told she was a good conservative candidate and needed some fundraising help," Oberweis said. "The very day we talked – I mailed her a check."

Oberweis said at no point was there any "quid pro quo" that Donnelly would contribute to his campaign. He has donated to GOP candidates his "entire adult life," and Donnelly was no exception, he said.

"Certainly, I hoped that at some point she might attend one of my events or contribute to my campaign, but that was never a requirement or a condition for her to receive my contribution. I would not be a good candidate if I did not ask others to help our campaign," Oberweis said.

"It is a shame that something that was done as a favor to help a fellow Republican win has been so greatly distorted. Our campaign has not received any contribution from Donnelly nor was there an expectation then or now that she would contribute though at one point, she did indicate she would consider doing so." 

Oberweis said his campaign continues to gain traction because they are focused on the issues that voters care about – border security, healthcare and taxes. He said after the primary election, he is looking forward to working with all the Republican elected officials and Republican voters in this district to defeat Lauren Underwood and her political mentor Nancy Pelosi.

Seven candidates are on the March 17th GOP primary ballot in the 14th CD. The winner of the March 17th primary will face Democrat incumbent Lauren Underwood in November. 

The 14th CD, which President won in 2016, is being watched nationally as a bellwether district. If Republicans were to regain the district in 2020, it could indicate the Republicans could gain the US House majority. 


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  1. I think a more honest statement would be:
    I have a history of helping other Republicans whom I believe may be able to help me in the future.
    I say that because I know a number of people who worked very hard as volunteers for his various campaigns who never saw a dime of campaign contributions when they eventually ran for lower level offices (alderman, township, county board, school board). At least one of them a contributor to this very forum.
    Chickens coming home to roost as they say.

  2. noteworthy is the Oberweis campaign’s statement that “He didn’t vote for a tax increase.”
    Theoretically a true statement, but he voted “present” which is a gutless escape from the taxation question.

  3. Travis Akin, Oberweis’ spokesman, and political mercenary is very controversial and heads up other PAC”s. Recover Illinois formed by State Representatives Bailey , Miller and Whilour and chaired by Travis Akin was created to defeat other Republican legislator’s and help new candidates who will join the Eastern Block get elected. The goal is to be a powerhouse group to elect a new Minority Leader.