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Rossi: Bloomberg Kills the Dem’s “Russian Collusion Hoax”




By Randy Rossi - 

President Trump and Republicans owe former NY City Mayor Bloomberg a massive thank you for destroying the Dem’s “Russian Collusion Hoax”. Yes the Mueller and IG reports proved with hard facts and data that the “Russian Collusion Hoax” was totally bogus and created by high level Democrats in the FBI and DOJ who illegally used a “Phony Russian Dossier” paid for by Hillary and the DNC to illegally and fraudulently get the FISA warrants that were used to launch that hoax. But Mollie Hemingway did a great job on Fox News to point out what should be obvious to any rational American, you can’t buy an election with just campaign money even if you are a billionaire like Bloomberg! So the whole “Russian Collusion Hoax” which says that Trump beat Hillary because of Russian interference and their tiny investments compared to what Bloomberg invested is just crazy.

Mayor Bloomberg spent well over $500 million to try and buy the Democrat primary on “Super Tuesday” and the only place he won was in the tiny island of Samoa! Now compare that to the tiny $112,000 that Russia spent on Facebook ads to try and impact the 2016 election. And some of those ads were pro Trump and some were pro Hillary! If Bloomberg couldn’t impact the 2020 primaries with $500 million, how on Earth could Russia impact the 2016 elections with just $112,000? Anybody who knows history knows that Russia has been trying to sow chaos in American politics since 1946. And America has been doing the same thing to Russia. Last year the US invested over $36 million in Radio Free Europe to promote democracy and freedom. That investment is targeted to hurt communist Russia. President Obama invested $300,000 in US tax dollars to impact the Israeli election hoping to defeat Prime Minister Netanyahu and that failed as well. But the Democrats and the “Fake News” had no problem with that but they freaked out over Russia’s tiny investment in the 2016 election because Hillary lost! They just can’t accept the fact the Trump was a better candidate than Hillary was.

Bloomberg’s massive failure is good news for America and shows that votes can’t be bought just with campaign money. The other good news is that Americans are starting to figure out that the Democrats tried to overturn the 2016 election results and the American people’s choice of President Trump by using the massive and illegal “Russian Collusion Hoax”. When that failed, the Democrats tried to use the unconstitutional and illegal “Impeachment Charade” to kick out a duly elected president which also failed. Anybody who doesn’t think that those two Democrat coup attempts won’t be a big part of the 2020 election debates is living on another planet. I am willing to bet that AG Barr will be indicting high level Democrats who were in the FBI, DOJ, and CIA for this treasonous coup attempt before the November elections which will add fire to the political debates. And if Joe Biden wins the Dem’s primary, the fact that Ukraine and the US Senate have started investigations into him and his son can’t be good news for Joe Biden and Democrats.

Now that Bloomberg has proven that just campaign money can’t buy an election, Democrats have a big problem whether Biden or Sanders win their primary. While President Trump has delivered an outstanding economy and the lowest unemployment in 51 years with the lowest unemployment for minorities in American history,  Democrats are going to have to defend their crazy “Green New Deal”, “Medicare for all”, and open borders plans which will bankrupt the American economy. Bloomberg has proven that no matter how much money Democrats have, they will not be able to just buy the 2020 election. They have to sell their horrible plans which I am betting can’t be sold to a majority of the American people. President Trump’s ratings are at the highest level ever after the “Impeachment Charade” and while it didn’t make the news, twice as many people voted for President Trump in the Republican primaries on “Super Tuesday” than voted for President Obama for his reelection.

It is going to be a very interesting summer and fall as we prepare for the most important election since the American Civil War!


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