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Opinion: Longtime pro-life leaders endorse Curran for US Senate



AR-190819232By Bonnie Quirke and Irene Napier - 

We, Bonnie Quirke and Irene Napier, have both been active in the Right to Life movement since 1973. We have both served as presidents of county and state Right to Life movements and have been active in the management of the national Right to Life movement. We have both endorsed former Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran for US Senate and believe that religious liberty is a key component of the Pro-Life movement. This letter addresses our concerns that one of the IL GOP candidates for US Senate will not protect religious liberty.

We have endorsed Mark Curran for US Senate. We, Bonnie Quirke of Lake County Illinois and Irene Napier of McHenry County Illinois, believe that Mark Curran, who is endorsed by the Illinois Federation of Right to Life, Illinois Family Action, Family PAC Federal and many of the leaders in the Pro-Life movement believe Mark Curran is the only acceptable candidate for US Senate from Illinois.

Mark is one of the best known and most supportive Pro-Life people in our state. The other candidates are unknown to the Pro-Life community and have no real record when it comes to defending the unborn. It is also worth mentioning that former Sheriff Mark Curran is the only candidate that has protected and will continue to protect liberty, especially religious liberty.

Mark was the only elected official in Lake County to publicly defend traditional marriage when the issue of same-sex marriage was being debated in Illinois. The religious groups that were concerned that this would affect religious liberty organized a rally just before the vote in front of a Republican state representative’s Mundelein office. This state representative wound up being one of the deciding votes in favor of same-sex marriage. This state representative took issue with then-Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran standing up to him and has tried to hurt Mark politically at every opportunity including recruiting candidates to run against Mark. Now, this state representative and the company he works with, Cor Strategies, are supporting the candidacy of Tom Tarter for US Senate.

Tom Tarter is endorsed by the Log Cabin Republicans, which is the group representing the radical LGBTQIA agenda that has swept across the nation and infiltrated our children’s schools.  We, Bonnie and Irene, agree Tom Tarter has no interest in protecting our schools from LGBTQIA indoctrination and he has no interest in protecting the rights of religious people.

Former Sheriff Mark Curran is the only acceptable candidate for people that take their faith seriously and believe in religious liberty. Join us, Bonnie Quirke and Irene Napier, in supporting Mark Curran and preserving religious liberty. Vote for Mark Curran on March 17th in the Republican Primary.


Bonnie Quirke & Irene Napier


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  1. Mark Curran is the man for the Senate. He has strong moral values.
    Durbin support Sodom and Gomorra life style.
    If a baby is born alive Durbin agrees it should be allowed to die.
    Love Saves Lives
    Carl Lambrecht