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Rossi: Britain’s Brilliant Adult Strategy to Beat Coronavirus



England-circle-512By Randy Rossi - 

It shouldn’t be surprising that Britain, which bravely survived being bombed every day by the Germans for months in WWII has come up with the adult and rational strategy to not only survive Coronavirus, but to defeat it and make it go away without causing massive damage to their economy. As the Germans bombed London every day causing massive damage, the Brits adopted the brave strategy of “Keep calm and carry on” and in the end they did just that and helped defeat Germany. And that is exactly what they are doing with the Coronavirus. While the rest of the world is collapsing under fear and hysteria and destroying their economies in defense of the Coronavirus by isolating everybody, Britain is using science, logic, bravery, and common sense to protect their people by just isolating vulnerable people, not strong and healthy people.

While most of the world is shutting down everything from restaurants, bars, travel, museums, sports, and even churches to isolate everybody which will cost trillions of dollars and cause massive economic harm for everybody, Britain is focusing on just isolating the most vulnerable people which are people over 60 with other health issues while letting the majority of people continue to live their lives with very little risk. No child in the world under 15 has died from the Coronavirus and 99.9% of people under 60 in good health will not catch it or suffer any severe conditions from the Coronavirus if they do catch it. Only people over 60 with other health problems have high odds of suffering serious reactions or die from the Coronavirus. But Britain’s strategy is even better than that. By letting healthy people live their lives and catch the Coronavirus, they will insure that a huge majority of Brits will develop an immunity to the Coronavirus which will essentially kill it and protect everybody else in the future. That is exactly what happens with all diseases. Survivors develop immunity and the disease eventually goes away.

So rather then destroy their economies by isolating everybody, the Brits are focusing their resources on isolating just elderly people and letting healthy people live their lives and develop an immunity that will eventually kill the Coronavirus. Once that happens, the elderly people can go back to living normal lives in a healthy economy for all. The world does that every year with the normal annual flu. In America, 29 million people have caught the normal flu so far this year and 20,000 have died from it. But most of us have developed immunity to the normal flu and we either don’t catch it or we just get minor colds. We don’t shut everything down and destroy our economy and our retirement plans! On top of that, we have developed vaccines which protect us. And there is no doubt we will develop a vaccine for the Coronavirus too. Short term if we let healthy people live their lives and fight the Coronavirus which is not a threat to their health and develop vaccines and focus on isolating elderly older people until we have developed vaccines and create a natural immunity to that virus, we will not only protect more people, we will protect our economy and trillions of dollars of national wealth.  

That folks is how brave rational people deal with problems. They “Keep calm and carry on”!


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  1. Look to Italy and imagine what the UK would be like if 60% of people would get coronavirus? How many people will die? Are you brave enough to say a number?
    As of March 16, Italy had a total of 24,747 cases of COVID-19, including 1,809 deaths.

  2. I don’t buy this, because infected young people, who will only be mildly affected, can and will transmit the virus to older people whose immune systems (which decline rapidly after age 50) won’t protect them as do those of the young.
    Transmission is what needs to be stopped, now.
    The point about “developing immunity” may be valid, but the eventual vaccine will take care of that.
    The National Health System in GB simply cannot handle the coming patient load, so this is a pretty dangerous toss of the dice.