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Rossi: It Is Unpatriotic To Make Coronavirus a Partisan Issue




By Randy Rossi - 

If you want to see how far our politics have fallen, watch how Democrats and the Fake News are using the tragic global Coronavirus threat to try and inflame uninformed and hysterical hatred against President Trump to try and gain political advantage for them in the 2020 elections.

Besides being unpatriotic and immoral, these liberal attacks on President Trump and his administration under his leadership are provably false. In fact, the opposite is provably true; President Trump and his administration have successfully done more than any other country to protect Americans from the Coronavirus.

First, in January when it became known that China had thousands of cases of the Coronavirus, President Trump took the brave step of stopping all travel from China into America from non US citizens. He was the first global leader to do so and he was accused of being  “xenophobic” for doing so. Now that over 80,000 people in China have contracted this disease and roughly 3,000 have died from it, aren’t all Americans glad that President Trump took this brave step to protect us?  

Unlike other countries like China, Iran, Italy, and South Korea who have seen hundreds and even thousands of Coronavirus cases, America has seen less than 100 cases of Coronavirus and only 2 Americans with other health disabilities have died from it. President Trump’s tough stand on travel to and from China has protected America!

Democrats and the biased media have also relentlessly attacked President Trump and his administration for not taking enough other steps to protect Americans from the Coronavirus. They are trying to create hysterical and irrational fear which they hope will hurt President Trump and Republicans in those elections. But the facts are once again the Democrats worst enemy.

The Global Health Security Index which involves John  Hopkins just named the USA as the most prepared nation in the world out of 195 nations to handle the Coronavirus. The Democrats just can’t handle that good news! To make things even better, the US has found medicines that help treat the Coronavirus and progress has been made on developing vaccines that may protect people from the Coronavirus in the future. The fact that President Trump delayed and reduced America’s exposure to the Coronavirus just as vaccines are being developed to protect Americans could be very good news.

But there is something strange about the Democrat’s and media’s hysteria on the Coronavirus. Yes this is another virus that we need to pay close attention to it and take all reasonable actions to protect our people from it, but the degree of hysteria seems a little crazy. Every year, millions of Americans get the flu and anywhere between 10,000 to 50,000 die from it each year.

As reported, so far less than 100 Americans have gotten the Coronavirus and only 2 Americans have died from it. Yes China has reported that roughly 80,000 Chinese people have caught the Coronavirus and 3,000 have died, but out of a population of 1.4 billion people, that means the odds of getting the Coronavirus in China is 0.000057% and the odds of dying from it are 0.0000021%. Chinese people are more likely to be struck by lightening then die from the Coronavirus!  

The vast majority of young and healthy people who do get the Coronavirus simply get a minor cold and don’t even need medical treatment and some don’t even realize that they have the virus. It is usually just older people or those with other medical problems that are hit hard by the Coronavirus. That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t take all reasonable steps to protect ourselves, but we shouldn’t go crazy either.

The bottom line is that the Coronavirus is slightly more of a risk than the normal flu we handle every year. Does that warrant causing the worst stock market crash we have seen since the 2008 recession?  Does it warrant these vicious attacks on the Trump Team which has been recognized as making America the most prepared country on Earth to handle the Coronavirus?

In times of national crisis, patriots of both parties are supposed to unite for the sake of our nation. Sadly, Democrats and the “Fake News” have united to try and hurt our country in this crisis simply to try and get a political advantage at the polls in November. Let’s hope the American people are wise enough to see this attack on President Trump and his team as the unpatriotic sham that it is and they severely punish Democrats at the voting booths.


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  1. If you are in Wuhan. The danger is high.
    If you are in Fuchou. The danger is low.
    If you are in Chicago. The danger is nearly zero today.
    In any case wash your hands to be safe.
    Love Saves Lives
    Carl Lambrecht