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Thorner: Super Tuesday 2020 leaves Dems vying for President




By Nancy Thorner –

And now there are five Democrat presidential 2020 contenders left:  Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, Michael Bloomberg and Tulsi Gabbard.

UPDATE: Since this was published Monday morning, Bloomberg dropped out. Now there are four Democrat candidates.

Socialist Bernie Sanders must be feeling  quite confident in his Socialist bid to be president, because even before yesterday's Super Tuesday took place he'd made a big campaign move.

Just before the biggest day of the Democratic 2020 primary campaign – when fourteen states held nominating contests to pick who they think should square off this fall against likely GOP nominee President Trump and where people headed to the polls all across the country from Virginia to California, and Tennessee to Texas- Sanders hired Podesta protege and Mrs. Clinton’s Faiz Shakir to manage his campaign.

Mr. Shakir is Muslim; his parents are from Pakistan.  Before joining Bernie Sanders' campaign he was the national political director of the ACLU.  He is also a Harvard graduate that worked for John Kerry and Nancy Pelosi.

Vermont's Sen. Bernie Sanders undoubtedly has momentum as a Democrat presidential candidate. His campaign manager Shakir,said he raised a record-shattering $46 million in February. Bringing his overall haul to a staggering $167 million; reportedly from grassroots supporters of his anti-establishment Socialist platform; claiming their average donation was $21.

If the likes of Bernie Sanders wins the White House, the US government will be populated by bureaucrats that never worked to produce any needed physical products and never signed a paycheck. They will have no knowledge of what it takes to run a business and will run a nation of 300 million people. Bernie's mantra takes from the rich and gives to the poor. That policy has been tried before and what was the result? Everybody became poor.

Sanders has yet to explain the massive size and scope of his spending and tax proposals, which, depending on the estimate, would cost $50 trillion to $60 trillion over the next 10 years. That would roughly double the size of the federal government, an unprecedented increase outside of wartime.

In a statement, Sanders' Muslim campaign manager Faiz Shakir said fundraising doesn't necessarily show who's going to win primaries, but it's an important indication.

Meanwhile, rival Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who's yet to place above third place in the four early-voting states, reported a $29 million haul last month, her campaign manager, Roger Lau said in a memo that Warren still has a path to the nomination.

What now unites the Democrat Party is their hatred of President Trump and their unwavering desire to remove him from office. It remains to be seen if Sanders will remain the front runner beating out Biden & Bloomberg.

Should Sanders eventually be the Democrat candidate to go up against President Trump will the Democrat faithful voters come out to support the Socialist Sanders on November 3, 2020? Unlikely.

Biden was helped on the eve of Super Tuesday when the Democrat establishment and Amy Kloubacar and Pete Buttigieg endorsed him as the Democrat war horse (or hero) with the intellect to defeat Bernie Sanders.

In that both Amy and Pete advised their delegates to throw their support to Biden suggests a payoff, either by Biden's campaign or by the DNC, which is terrified of what Bernie Sanders at the top of the ticket could do to senators and House members seeking re-election in November.

So now the Democrats are left with Sanders, Biden, Bloomberg and Warren – plus Tulsi Gabbard. The next two Tuesdays are sure to give more indication of who Donald Trump will face in November 2020. 


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  1. Bernie eked out Michigan in 2016 and barely lost Missouri while he won the Washington Caucuses 3 to 1, which is now a primary (expect all those nasty hand counted caucuses to go in 2024). These are the big primaries on March 10 before the next debate on the 15th.
    “Biden makes a gaffe in the first SENTENCE of his Super Tuesday speech, mixing up his sister and his wife.” & “It’s about relivering results.” Biden’s speeches are a series of cliches babbled incoherently by a brain-damaged old man, with the sparse crowds in the room obviously embarrassed by the spectacle. Maybe Warren can be persuaded to stay in for the next debate to help take away time for a Biden gaffe and bleed off more Sanders votes. But even if Liz decides to jeopardize her Senate seat in 2022 by doing this and getting a big primary from the Sanders forces, Biden will have to speak at least three times as much as any previous debate. Sanders still have to be considered a slight favorite to win given Biden’s obvious inabilities and the face he was broke before last weekend. The chances of a brokered convention are gone with only about 100 delegates of the 2000 needed outside Biden and Sanders.

  2. 3-4-20, Sad day in America when we must accept the fact that so many of our brothers & sisters are ignorant or just don’t care about the nation. What other conclusion can we make for Joe Biden to receive so much support when he is clearly an impaired elderly man [77] who is being propped up by his minions? Before the Super Tuesday elections he was in Texas and stumbled and mumbled an attempt to quote a portion of America’s ‘DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE’ … he said:
    “We hold these truths to be selva evinen, all men & women created by eh..go..you know..the.. you know the thing.” — Joe Biden
    And when he was much younger – in 2008 – he commented about Obama; he said in the New York Observer: “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and nice-looking guy.” — Joe Biden
    In 1976 he supported the ‘HYDE AMENDMENT’ preventing tax payers money to fund abortion. However, he’s flipped on that now approves government paying for abortion.
    The man is despicable! The voters are in delusion if they think either Joe or Bernie [78] will do them good.

  3. The fix is in for Biden for sure. Now Bloomberg has given his support to Biden also. If Biden doesn’t get the delegates he needs to win the nomination, you better believe the DNC will make sure he gets the super delegates to push him over the top! I despise Bernie but don’t like the Dems cheating to keep someone from winning the right way. The Democrat process is not right. And remember, Biden is NOT the “moderate” choice. He is pro late term abortion, anti border wall, wants to give illegal aliens “free” health care and wants to take away our guns (hey, he said he wants Beto to be his gun csar). The dems are nuts and they must be stopped in November.

  4. Warren dropped out this morning, Thursday March 5.
    Like Bloomberg, she throws her support to senile Biden.
    So what “deal” has been promised to her if Biden, by some remote chance, actually wins the presidency?
    Maybe “Director of the Department of Indian Affairs” perhaps? (Sarcasm intended)
    Once again,someone behind the curtain is pulling the strings to eliminate Bernie from being the winning candidate.
    “The FIX IS IN!”
    When the “Bernie Bros” feel cheated at the Democrat convention in Milwaukee, will we see Milwaukee burn, like what the radicals did at the 1968 Democrat convention in Chicago?
    Should be FUN to watch!