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Gov Pritzker pushes for progressive tax; claims COVID-19 could set Illinois back over $7B



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CHICAGO – To lead off Governor Pritzker's daily COVID 19 briefing, he veered off into how shutting down the state of Illinois' businesses will cost the state billions in this budget year as well as 2021. He also called on the Feds to pass a second CARES Act to "support" states that are racking up billions in costs due to the pandemic. 

Pritzker said the 2020 Illinois budget is projected to have a $2.4 billion deficit as a result of the pandemic, and another $4.6 billion deficit in 2021.

Then the governor used the press time to push for the progressive tax question he is funding on Illinois' November 2020 General Election ballot, saying the state's dire finances demand overturning the state constitution's flat tax.

Illinois GOP Chairman Tim Schneider responded immediately, saying "It seems Governor Pritzker has taken Rahm Emannuel's "never let a crisis go to waste" adage to heart. With a global pandemic that has plunged the state's economy to depths not seen since the Great Depression, this is the worst possible time to push through a tax hike that will crush small businesses who provide so many of our jobs. Pritzker using a Coronavirus briefing to campaign for the progressive income tax is inappropriate and unfortunate."


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  1. I’m surprised it took this long! Perhaps he should of partnered with Mayor of IL for this crap which, we know, has been the ultimate plan! I hope the Federal Government shuts him down and the door. It’s so laughable to see him cry like a big baby that he is!

  2. Point one, the shutdown was a choice this piece of lard made.
    Point two, since day one, Governor fat buttocks used this crisis as a divisive political tool and here his corpulence is doing it again. remember this fat, worthless big, who lives off of inherited wealth is a tax cheat and tax fraud who ripped the toilets out his mansion in order to lower his own property tax bill.
    Like his predecessor, this Governor is a disgrace. I have zero respect for him and of course due to the parade of scum that has inhabited the office over my lifetime, zero respect for the office of Governor of Illinois.
    Quarantine the vulnerable, run PSAs and let us take our chances and build herd immunity.

  3. Suck it up buttercup, time to trim some fat and reduce the size of our state government.
    If not, let the State of Illinois file for bankruptcy and have court ordered pension reform.
    Michael Madigan has put the State of Illinois in this position by constantly avoiding our state’s pension crisis.
    The time is coming for court ordered pension reform.

  4. I agree that is not the appropriate time to have this issue on the tablr. It is also not going to work as he thinks until small businesses and others get back on their feet. Many will have tax deductions from capital loss, so less taxes anyway, as well as, low employment rate so not enough income to tax. I get the point he is making,, but it is premature.

  5. Put your “Toilets” back in your mansion, you worthless loser leftist fucktard, and pay your taxes, as they are!!! STOP FUCKING ILLINOIS OVER, AS ALL OF YOU RETARDED LOSER LEFTIST DO!!! It’s time to pay J.B., you LOSER!!!!

  6. I think this Governor has taxed us enough. With people off work so long with this corona virus pandemic how does he think they are going to afford more taxes. People are worried about house payments,loans, groceries to feed family, ect. & living paycheck to paycheck. Is he CRAZY.

  7. Well, if Governor Lardass would open things up and let people go back to work, maybe there might be $$$ that could go into government coffers.
    As it is, most people are sitting at home picking their noses, worried about making ends meet with no income since mid-March…and this tub o’ lard wants to take what little we have???
    What a sick joke this state and these corrupt politicians are.

  8. Rich Miller was so impressed that Maroon 5 entertained at the Bank of Springfield Center for Pritzker’s inauguration!
    Seriously, aren’t we lucky to have one of the four governors in the USA with “no prior government experience” leading us?

  9. It’s fun watching how you recharge argue against a progressive tax. Flight text hurts lower-income and medium income people middle-income people suffer the greatest. A flat tax has been pushed by the wealthy for so many years it’s not funny. I swear to God I should have left the Republican party long before I did. You people have no idea how even a simple tax works. Flat tax always Hurt The working Man.
    A progressive tax is a scale tax like our founders originally envisioned during war times and then of course it was carried over after wartime.
    You people make about as much sense as those idiots in Michigan a bunch of f****** supposed conservatives protesting against states rights LOL wow. If you never needed any more proof of partisan politics all you have to do is go to Lansing Michigan and see a bunch of f****** toothless morons that think that they’re Republicans fighting against states rights
    The final surprises when you suddenly realize then nothing can surprise you anymore

  10. No Graduating Tax Pritzker, Drain the political swamp in Il, stop taxing the people to death , Or file for Bankruptcy, then sue China. Better yet sue the Past Leaders of Il who let it get this way your all guilty.