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Illinois likely to have enough hospital beds on COVID projected peak



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WASHINGTON – Referred to by Trump advisor Dr. Deborah Brix, one COVID project speculates Illinois will have more than enough regular hospital beds at the expected COVID peak. 

Illinois' projected peak date for coronavirus cases is April 12, 2020, five days earlier than previous estimates. According to the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation's website, the state will have no regular hospital bed shortage, but may have a shortage of intensive care units.

Projected resources needed for COVID-19 patients on peak date:
All beds needed – 9,255 beds
All beds available – 14,552 beds
Bed shortage – 0 beds
ICU beds needed – 1,853 beds
ICU beds available – 1,131 beds
ICU bed shortage – 722 beds

From the IHME website: covid19.healthdata.org 

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The site projects 208 COVID-19 deaths on the peak date April 12, 2020: 

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