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Conservative group posts resources challenging Gov Pritzker’s COVID Emergency Orders




CHICAGO – The Illinois Conservative Union has posted on its website a resource page or Illinois citizens and business owners on how to deal with Governor Pritzker's Emergency Order COVID-19 shutdowns. 

"Using the COVID virus pandemic as an excuse, one man –Governor JB Pritzker– has held the entire state of Illinois hostage for many weeks," the website says. "Pritzker has issued unlawful Executive Orders, arbitrarily shut down businesses and churches, and caused people to be imprisoned in their homes. Examination of the United States Constitution, the Illinois Constitution and Illinois statutes reveals that Pritzker does NOT have the legal authority for his actions." 

The group then lists resources, and warns that "This is not legal advice. For expert legal counsel, consult an attorney."

Key points the group lists include:

  • The state governor cannot craft law and cannot ignore the Constitution/Bill of Rights. 
  • The legislature has granted the governor powers for 30-days via the Emergency Management Act. Those powers are limited and to go beyond 30-days requires new legislation.
  •  The only officials with statutory power to quarantine an individual or close a business are the county health departments. For the quarantine or closure to last more than 48 hours, the county health department must have a court order (see B below). 
  • To obtain that court order, the court requires that the county health department prove that the individual/business is a public health threat. 
  • At no point do people or businesses lose their rights to due process. They can and should assert their rights to due process. If we don’t use them, we will lose them!
  • People who stayed in their homes and businesses that closed because the governor said so, are technically doing so “voluntarily”, because they chose to comply. They can simply choose to stop complying.
  • Local governments (county, city…) should support their constituents and be a check on other governmental bodies that are abusing the peoples Constitutional Rights.
  •  States Attorneys must know and enforce the Laws
  • Sheriffs and other Law Enforcement professionals must know actual law and restrain their enforcement to within the boundaries of the law. History will judge your actions.

The rest of their information is HERE. 


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