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Thorner/O’Neil:  Leftist ‘Agents’ in Consort with Democrats to push November victory



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By Nancy Thorner & Bonnie O'Neil –

It has been reported that Google, a company that has enjoyed a premier reputation, tried to remove conservative sites from their platform, according to John Davidson, political editor of the Federalist.  Davidson explained details and provided proof of Google’s bias on FOX News. FOX was one of very few media sources willing to give Davidson a platform to expose the information. Other media sources chose to believe Google’s denials, rather than make a serious attempt to investigate the credibility of the accusations.

This should be a warning to everyone who values facts and fairness. If Mr. Davidson is correct, and there is no reason to believe he is not, then Google’s actions, decisions, and intentional bias is a problem for all of us. That most media sources chose to remain silent about Davidson’s claims is equally disturbing.

Our nation was founded by men of integrity and built by patriots who understood the importance of unbiased, accurate reporting of facts, especially those which have an impact on large numbers of our citizens. We should expect nothing less from our current news sources, especially when addressing the highly controversial, exceedingly important issues we face today.

Google’s website claims this as their mission: “Protect our users and the integrity of our platforms.” Apparently Google failed in their mission. They cannot claim to be an unbiased source when they violate their own established standards.  Mr. Davidson has every right, in fact a duty, to expose Google’s failure to adhere to their own rules of fairness. He provided a credible viewpoint and the public can judge the issue for themselves.  We do not need Google to do this for us. In fact, the public deserves to know both sides of issues, especially those that tend to impact our live.

It has been suggested that Google has become too powerful. Nigel Farage, Brexit Party Founder, said he has never seen such silencing of free speech as that which is happening today throughout the world. He is not alone in that assumption.  There is something innately wrong with sources that claim they are not biased, when in fact they are exceedingly prejudice towards one party or person in a leadership position than another.   
As of now the United States’ government allows free speech. There is little fear of retribution from our government no matter a person's political views or positions on issues.
That is not the case in many countries throughout the world, where one would not dare defy those in positions of power. Protesters in Hong Kong, China are a recent example.  President Xi Jinping warned against separatism, stating any attempt to divide China would end in "bodies smashed and bones ground to powder”.  This is what can happen when nations allow dictators to rule and/or when media sources are strongly discouraged from providing essential facts that might be unfavorable to those in positions of power.   
Kudos to U.S. Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO). He has introduced a bill that would allow Americans to sue companies such as Twitter, Google, and Facebook for censoring political speech. The bill is co-sponsored by U.S. Senators Marco Rubio (R-FL), Mike Braun (R-IN), Tom Cotton (R-AR), and Kelly Loeffler (R-GA).
Black Lives Matter 
Fear-driven group think is sweeping our nation, but we are not alone. It is being seen throughout the world.  Few media sources have been willing to express serious disgust with recent explosions of groups displaying radical behavior, most likely because most are in sync with the Leftist ideology that the groups exhibit.  
One radical group, Black Lives Matter, has a record of staging protests when a black citizen is killed by a white cop, but they seemingly dismiss the thousands of blacks killed by blacks that happen yearly in large cities controlled by Democrats.  It is incredible that  according to a recent poll, 63% of Americans have a favorable opinion of BLM and consider the movement to be a moral one that exists outside of political squabbling, when the Black Lives Matter movement has left-wing ideological goals that are driven by Marxism. Consider also that the prime goal of the organization is to defund or to entirely eliminate police forces.
On June 24, 2020, Greater New York Black Lives Matter leader Hawke Newsome made an appearance on Fox News warning, “If this country doesn’t give us what we want then we will burn down the system and replace it. All right. And I could be speaking figuratively, I could be speaking literally. It’s a matter of interpretation," Newsome said.
Disregard for rule of law
Those of us living in the United States have likewise recently witnessed the tearing down of statues of former American heroes. Once again, it was disappointing that most of our media sources and American citizens were not absolutely outraged by this deliberate destructive action.  We may not always agree with the politics or viewpoints of those honored for their past leadership or achievements, such as the statue of Christopher Columbus, but each one represents a specific time in America's history.
Aren't there established laws that prohibit purposely destroying public property, let alone the statues of American icons? Those who violated the statues reportedly spit in officer’s faces, yet most were not arrested.
Mob mentality rarely ends well for anyone.  Our police force answered the mobs' shouts of disrespect with practiced calm, yet most media sources failed to mention that fact.  Is it any wonder that many American patriots are questioning whether they have an accurate view of what has been happening during the protests and rioting in our nation’s cities.  Are we being provided with all the facts surrounding these incidents, or is there a deliberate bias that needs to be exposed?
Maligning of police officers
How many police officers will retire or quit the police force in the days ahead?   It is suspected there will be an unusually high number.  Due to excessive criticism of our police officers, will those who desired to become police officers change their minds?  Law enforcement will not likely be a top preference for a career in the days/years ahead.  That is understandable after the bevy of accusations the police have recently endured. This is sad, because most police officers do an exemplary job. 
Who will the protesters be able to blame when our police forces are sparse and there are no officers available to answer their calls in an emergency?
Why are there so few in the media or even in the Halls of Congress who have supported our police officers. Why is there not more of a backlash especially from Republican congressional members when it is obvious there are radicals trying to fundamentally change our world? 
Reform is necessary to allow public confidence after all we have just been through, but what is not needed is a new era of policing that requires a national community-based police reform.  
One Republican congressman, Jim Jordan, did  express that President Trump deserves credit for his executive order regarding better policing efforts.  He also spoke strongly against those who are inciting others to engage in violent actions, further emphasizing the need for journalists’ reporting to be fair and balanced and to provide proven facts rather than unverified rhetoric.  Jordan likewise expressed concern about specific websites (Twitter and Google) who have proven to unfairly censor just one Party – the Republicans.  
Voter are challenged
It is important that citizens register to vote and encourage those within their sphere of influence to do so.  As citizens we have the privilege of helping to decide our laws and officials through this important process by electing honest, hard-working candidates that align with our long held political positions.  
Unfortunately the public has few ways to know who and what is really involved among those in the Deep State when mainstream media sources have their own agenda and thus filter the information which is passed on to the public, and when Google scrubs its site of positive information about issues and political candidate that voters need to know to cast informed votes on November 3rd.  
Voting is a gift that citizens in some countries only dream of having.  Never doubt that this gift could disappear if we fail to protect it, because there are always those among us who have an agenda that profits them, but not necessarily the rest of us.
One thing is for certain, the Left — which controls the mainstream media and Google and other social media site – is determined to win and will cheat and lie to do so.
The following excerpts from The Elites are Revolting, posted on June 22, 2020, at Townhall.com by Kurt Schlichter, sends a clear message as to the importance of the upcoming November election and what voters are facing.
What we are seeing is the elite’s ruthless pursuit of the power we stripped them of back in 2016 when we made the Hillary fans cry. And since then, despite it all, we have made progress – some good judges, no more wars, trade realism with China. But this is intolerable to the leftist Establishment.  We the People must be overthrown.
The question remains:  Will We the People allow this to happen on November 3rd, 2020?  It will require that enough voters are able to sort fact from fiction, so President Trump is elected for a second term for what is a critical battle for the heart and soul of our nation.


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  1. I will start by saying that I am fed up and frustrated by the lack of “LAW AND ORDER” we currently have in this country! I am sick of the leftist politicians, mayors, governors, police chiefs and yes, some cops who actually are doing this bowing down non-sense to prove what? The BLM organization is just a bunch of radical, useless, cowardly criminals who want to “transform” this country into something unrecognizable to law-abiding citizens trying to build something here. Defunding (eliminating) the police and paying reparations is just nuts! I saw the clown on Fox the other night saying how they would “burn it down” if they didn’t get what they wanted. Sounds like a temper tantrum by a thug to me. I will keep saying this over and over again…I believe the worst thing about what is going on, isn’t the low life politicians and others in charge, it is that roughly 50% of people in this country will vote for a Demoncrat, knowing what they stand for and want to do to this country (and tax payers like myself). I know I have neighbors on the “darkside” which is unacceptable. I guess I am outraged that more conservative people aren’t more concerned than they are?