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Will Republican Rep. Wehrli vote for Biden like General Powell says he will?



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NAPERVILLE – When Colin Powell announced earlier this week that he will vote for Joe Biden as he did Hillary Clinton four years ago, Naperville Republican state rep Grant Wehrli retweeted Powell's news: 

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Wehrli didn't respond to Illinois Review's query as to whether he planned to vote for Biden in 2020 like Powell.

Over 2000 retweeted Wehrli's tweet, and over 9000 "liked" it. 

Among those "liking" Assistant Republican House Leader Wehrli's comment were not two Republican House colleagues – State Reps Allen Skillicorn (R-East Dundee) and Darren Bailey (R-Louisville). 

"Colin Powell has not supported a Republican in years and is basically a Democrat. He supported Hillary Clinton in 2016 and President Obama before that and so we should not be surprised that General Powell is supporting Joe Biden in 2020," Rep. Skillicorn told Illinois Review. "A Democrat supporting a Democrat is not exactly front page material." 

But Wehrli's tweet seemed to bother State Rep. Darren Bailey more. Bailey has become a cult hero recently for his legal challenges to Governor Pritzker's COVID executive orders.

"Given the bleak situation here in Illinois, and considering a Biden verse a Trump presidency; when a Republican has to think one second about that, we’ve got problems," Bailey told Illinois Review.

As of the publication of this story, Wehrli has not responded to Illinois Review's question as to whether he intends to follow General Powell's lead.


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  1. Just another of the many Illinois “Republicans” who hate Trump more than they hate the Democrats—you could put so many from Rauner on down in that category. Wehrli is probably going to retire and take his pension in 2022. When you have “leaders” of the Republican Legislature rubber stamping tax hikes like you did last year, you have to expect people like Wehrli openly declaring who they really are. He has done us all a favor in showing what this party is all about, like giving us “Sanctuary State” Mark Curran for the top of the ticket.

  2. May God open up their understanding & give wisdom to make the right decision for the good of our country. I pray that he will look at the Democratic platform & realize that he shouldn’t support abortion, socialist ideas & so many issues. So sad to hear that a conservative would even consider any of those options!!