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America’s Founding Was Greatest Anti-Slavery Movement in History




The American Founding unleashed the cause of anti-slavery. Thomas Krannawitter writes:

Through a terrible, bloody Civil War, Americans abolished slavery by way of a constitutional amendment, only a few more than four score and seven years after the Declaration of Independence.

The American idea requires equal protection of the laws for the equal individual rights of each and every citizen. Period.

Let us embrace our own beautiful founding idea. Let us show the world, by example, what institutionalized freedom, institutionalized opportunity, and institutionalized justice look like.

All we need do is live up to our own standard in our policies and our practices. All we have to do is remember and reflect upon the true ideas contained in our own Declaration of Independence.

[Thomas Krannawitter, "America’s Founding Was Greatest Anti-Slavery Movement in History” RealClearPolitics, July 2]


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