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Supreme Court Decides Half of Oklahoma Has Been an Indian Reservation for Past 113 Years




The Supreme Court issued one of the most consequential decisions of its term on its last day Thursday.

No, it wasn’t either of the decisions about President Donald Trump’s tax returns. Instead, it involved a case that received little attention at the time it was argued.  

In short, nearly 2 million people went to sleep Wednesday evening in the state of Oklahoma. When these same people went to sleep the following evening, they did so on an Indian reservation, even though their physical locations had not changed.



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  1. The Trail of tears” is the story of Creeks and Cherokees being forced off their eastern U.S. lands and deported for resettlement west of the Mississippi by then-president Andrew Jackson.
    Oklahoma was designated to be “Indian Territory”, until white settlers wanted THAT land, too. When it was opened to whites for settlement a formal land rush was held for whites to enter it, and lay claims to it.
    Some whites sneaked in ahead of the official starting day to gain possession of much of the best land.
    Those people were called “Sooners,” and the University of Oklahoma celebrates those cheats and thieves by naming it’s teams “The Sooners.”
    Something to be real proud of, right?
    In this day of political correctness, the team should be renamed “The Oklahoma CHEATERS.”