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Biden’s Troubling Past Concerning Racial Inequality




Democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden has spent decades in government, and his track record on racial inequality is troubling. For example:

  • Biden has spent decades lying that he was a part of the Civil Rights movement, falsely claiming he marched and helped desegregate businesses
  • Even after admitting he never marched, Biden has started repeating this lie again and claimed he came out of the Civil Rights movement
  • Biden even invented a story this year that he was arrested trying to see Nelson Mandela, a lie he had to walk back because there is “no evidence” this ever occurred
  • Biden spent his early years in the Senate actively opposing integration efforts
  • Biden worked with segregationists to oppose busing to help desegregate schools, saying he did not want his children growing up in a “racial jungle”
  • In 1979, Biden voted to protect the tax-exempt status of segregated private schools
  • In the early 1970s, Biden even lived in a home with a racially restricted deed

Biden has bragged about working with segregationists and racists, praising his relationships with them

  • Biden eulogized multiple segregationists, including Strom Thurmond and former KKK member Robert Byrd
  • As recently as last year, Biden bragged about his positive relationship with segregationist Senators like James Eastland and Herman Talmadge
  • In 1987, Biden bragged about receiving an award from Alabama Governor George Wallace
  • In 1975, Biden said the Democrats needed a “liberal George Wallace, someone who’s not afraid to stand up and offend people”

Biden bragged about Delaware being a slave state and honored Confederate leaders

  • In 2006, Biden said Delaware did not fight as part of the South during the Civil War “because we couldn’t figure out how to get” there
  • In 1993, Biden said those who display the Confederate flag are “fine people”
  • In the 1970s, Biden voted to restore U.S. citizenship for Confederate leaders Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis

Biden has a long history of race baiting and racially offensive comments

  • In May, Biden told Black Americans “you ain’t Black” if they do not support him
  • Biden has repeatedly equated being a minority with being poor and illiterate
  • Biden has referred to Black Americans as “boy,” “colored,” and “predators” who are “beyond the pale”
  • In 2012, Biden said Republicans would put Black Americans “back in chains”
  • During the 2008 election, Biden called Barack Obama “articulate” and “clean”
  • In 2007, Biden talked about going into the “black sections” of town
  • In 1985, Biden referred to Black singer at a Democratic fundraising dinner as “Michael Jackson” and “Prince”
  • In 1974, Biden compared himself to a “token black”
  • In 1973, Biden referred to slaves as “brothers”


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  1. And he’ll still win 95% of the black vote. It’d be nice if the GOP stopped acting like blacks vote the way that they do because of some historical grievance, history that the vast majority of blacks don’t even have a clue about (check out the reading scores!), and started acting like blacks vote the way that they do because one major American political party panders to them with handouts, free stuff, the promise of more “reparations” and FREE healthcare.