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Black Civil Rights Attorney: ‘Joe Biden Has Insulted Every African American… I’m Not Voting For Him’



BxuvfqPpsf5lCivil rights attorney Leo Terrell, a black American, said there is no way he is supporting presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden this November.

Terrell, a former Democrat (who claims he did not leave the party but that the Democratic Party left him), said Biden has “insulted every African American” and has chosen to support anarchic protesters over law enforcement officers.

“[Biden] has not gone to these Democratic cities and embraced the victims as President Trump has. He has not walked hand in hand with police officers,” he said via Fox News. “Joe Biden has insulted every African American by saying if you don’t vote for me, ‘you ain’t Black.’ I’m Black. I’m not voting for him. He’s an insult to every American because people decide on the competency of the candidate – Joe Biden has to help the people in those cities and he’s not doing it. He’s in his basement.”

The attorney said Trump is doing these things, despite mainstream media portraying an inaccurate picture of him.



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