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How Should We Deal With China?



China_Map420The Green New Deal would make US reliance on China much worse.

China unleashed Covid-19 on an unsuspecting world. It knew by early January 2020 (if not by December 2019 or earlier) that it was dealing with a vicious, fast-spreading disease in Wuhan, a city with more people than Chicago and New York City combined. But first it said nothing. Then it lied repeatedly, expelled foreign journalists, and threatened, silenced or “disappeared” Wuhan doctors who tried to warn the world.

A University of Southampton study concluded that, if China had been honest and transparent, and stopped foreign travel to and from Wuhan even three weeks before it actually did, global Covid-19 transmission could have been reduced by 95% and hundreds of thousands would not have died. Nor would the world economy have imploded. (The WHO refused to declare a global pandemic until March 11.)

Many have said China must be held accountable, punished, and made to pay reparations and financial penalties. Justice certainly demands that. In a more perfect world, it might even happen. However, securing a verdict on reparations would be a tall order, enforcing any verdict highly doubtful.

These problems are compounded by China’s control of numerous vital supply chains. China dominates not just manufacturing of US drugs like heparin, vaccines and penicillin, but the active ingredients that allow US companies to make other essential medicines. Chinese companies thereby control 70% of acetaminophen, and up to 95% of antibiotics and hydrocortisone. In 2008, contaminated heparin from China caused 81 US deaths. Much of the USA’s basic and high-tech medical equipment (respirators, surgical masks, protective gowns, and MRI and CT scan equipment) is also imported from China.

The United States is also beholden to China for metals and minerals in energy, aerospace, defense, telecom and other industries. Joe Biden, AOC, Democrats and environmentalist groups would not just shut down fossil fuel production, pipelines and fuels for power generation and manufacturing. They would effectively turn our energy systems, manufacturing, defense, livelihoods and living standards over to China.

Chinese computer chips are in countless products – and Trojan horse viruses or backdoors for hackers could enable steady information theft, take over GPS systems or crash electrical grids. Minerals, metals and components essential for aircraft, night vision goggles, computers, wind turbines, solar panels, rechargeable batteries, electric vehicles and other technologies are sourced directly from China or through Chinese companies that conduct horrific mining operations in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Supplies of these materials or products could easily be restricted or cut off amid trade or other conflicts.

Incredibly, America has nearly all the metals and minerals needed to manufacture these products, and many more. However, because of unrelenting environmentalist and Democrat opposition to exploration and mining, the nation’s vast, mineral-rich federal lands (worth many trillions of dollars) remain off limits and undeveloped, forcing the United States to import the vast majority of its essential raw materials.



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  1. Businesses across the country are being DEVASTATED by crippling COVID-19 lockdowns. The communist Chinese govt has done the American people nearly irreparable harm with their covid-19 attack. China owes Americans trillions of dollars….. The communist Chinese govt is responsible for the worldwide pandemic. China owns an estimated $1.2 trillion in U.S. Treasuries, the US should refuse payment when China decides to cash in the bonds as partial payment for their covid-19 attack

  2. Speaker Nancy Pelosi stated in an interview on CNN this last week, that the virus causing our pandemic is the “Trump virus” and blames President Trump for what she labels the “disintegrating relations between the U.S. and China”. Has she lost her mind? It is the Communist Chinese government who turned the man-made COVID-19 virus loose on America and the world. Of course, US-China relations are not great right now; why would they be? Is the creation of a world-wide pandemic an act of friendship? The Communist Chinese government is the enemy of the world right now because they are responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 has cost American lives and untold trillions of dollars.
    Speaker Pelosi, just how many Americans do the Communist Chinese have to kill with the COVID virus during this pandemic before you back America and the president? Not to mention the huge financial cost. It appears Speaker Pelosi is in collusion with the Communist Chinese government by propagandizing for them against Trump; she is the enemy of America when she lies and calls COVID-19 the “Trump Virus”. She is senile or a traitor, either way she needs to be held accountable and removed from the position of house speaker immediately. Surely, the democrat-controlled House of Representatives can see that; we demand a house speaker that backs America!