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It’s Time to Defund the CDC



Unnamed (2)Limited government not only keeps government within its proper scope, it avoids mission creep and ensures that critical tasks get done well. Governments generally under-prepare for rare events like disasters and pandemics. This makes an agency focusing exclusively on communicable diseases invaluable.

After the COVID-19 pandemic is behind us, we should seriously consider replacing the CDC with an agency focused exclusively on infectious diseases. Other CDC functions (like collecting vital statistics) can be moved elsewhere within the Department of Health and Human Services. We need an approach to ensure preparedness for the next pandemic.



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  1. Now your just plain being stupid. Period.
    Your need to protect a failed president is disgusting.
    What is wrong with you people. How many sick and dead Americans will it take?
    You have hit a new low

  2. So if everyone was told they needed masks, they would have hoarded them, and healthcare and first responders STILL would not have had enough. There were also shortages because nobody realized early enough that re-use of PPE would be needed, as well as the decision of major supplies to offshore all production because “it’s cheaper”, even though doing so gives aid and comfort to the Chinese government with every purchase. The Republicans can’t claim the moral or electoral high ground until production comes back to the U.S., paying livable wages, and daring to accept lower profits as part of their duties as American citizens to ensure our preparedness for emergencies. Republicans must also stop demanding the 99% be the “canary in the coal mine” to re-open businesses when the SCIENCE continues to tell us otherwise.