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Rossi: Suicide by Socialism




By Randy Rossi - 

Some people accuse me of being too passionate about warning everyone about the catastrophe of socialism and they tell me that I am turning some people off because of that passion. I have thought about that and realized how big a difference there is between people who have actually seen the horror of socialism and the inevitable conclusion of socialism which is communism. I watched two beautiful countries get destroyed by socialism and it broke my heart. The first is Italy where my father was born and which I love. Our corporation had two factories in Italy; one in Milan and one in Castelfranco near Venice. I went to Italy often either to work with the people in those two plants, to attend global meetings, or on tours with my wife and son. When I first started going there, Italy was a major capital of manufacturing which brought prosperity to millions of Italians. But sadly I watched Italy start killing those manufacturing jobs by imposing tougher and tougher socialist laws and regulations that we knew would crush those manufacturing jobs. Finally at the end of my career before I retired, Italy passed a law that forced companies to pay over a year’s salary if they terminated anybody for almost any reason. Even if it was needed to save the company from bankruptcy and going out of business. We knew that would crush the manufacturing segment and Italian companies dramatically reduced hiring full time people or moved their manufacturing out of Italy to Eastern European countries that did not have those crazy laws.

My wife and I have been back to Italy at least 3 times in the last five years and we love it, but it breaks my heart to see how far Italy has fallen since I retired because socialism has killed those great manufacturing jobs. We saw miles and miles of shuttered factories all over Italy and our guides talked about how much Italy has been hurt by the loss of millions of manufacturing jobs which has essentially bankrupted Italy. Our guides told us that today, most Italians live on the tourist industry or in the wine business or agriculture. Italy is almost as bankrupt as Greece is and that is as bad as it gets. Italy is a perfect example of the disaster of socialism. Sadly, the Italian people did this to themselves by electing a socialist government.

The other example of this socialist disaster I witnessed was in Venezuela. Our distributor in Venezuela was one of my favorite international distributors. He was passionate about his great country which had the largest oil deposits in the world. His business was successful and he and his family lived good lives. And then the people of Venezuela foolishly elected a socialist government run by Madero and I watched his business collapse. I even had to turn down a million dollar order from him because the socialist government could seize our products and his money which paid for it. Thankfully we were able to get an insurance policy that protected us and him and that deal went through. Just before I retired, I watched that wonderful man weep in my office as he told me he had to flee the country that he loved because they were about to take everything from him and his family, Since I retired, Venezuela has gone from the most prosperous country in Latin America to a tragic 3rd world nation in which the average Venezuelan has lost 22 pounds because there is no food or money to buy it and 15% of the Venezuelan population has fled from Venezuela. Today Venezuela is in total anarchy all because the Venezuelan people foolishly elected a socialist government.

But it gets worse. As Lenin said, “The goal of socialism is communism”. I have worked in communist countries and seen the horror of that as well. Over 40 million Chinese starved to death or were killed under communist Mao. Our corporation had a factory in China and knew China would steal all of our technology so we only built ancient technology there that could be found in a museum! When I went to China on business, the U.S. State Department warned me that my hotel room and the phone in my hotel room were bugged and if I left my computer in my hotel room everything on it would be stolen. To add to that wonderful setting, the Chinese government executed one of our Chinese employees. And the safety and environmental laws we closely followed in America and Europe didn’t exist in China. You could cut the air in China with a knife and walk on water there because of the massive pollution. Welcome to communism!

I have worked with and hired people that risked everything and fled from their communist countries. The stories they told me of the horror of living in a communist country are beyond belief. Sadly, despite the horror of communism,  young people who have not experienced that horror like the concept of socialism and/or communism. Both my guides in Prague and Budapest lived under communism until America won the “Cold War” and brought them freedom. They both said that they hated communism and lived in absolute poverty under it. They also both told me  that the communists “Pretended to pay us and we pretended to work”. They both love and appreciate freedom and democracy which has dramatically improved their quality of life. But they both said what scared them most was that young people in their countries that didn’t live under the horror of communism like the concept of communism and/or socialism.

Now you know why I am so passionate about fighting against socialism and communism! If America elects Democrat Joe Biden and give Democrats the House and Senate in the next election, I predict that America will become a socialist nation in four years and I know how that movie will end. We will fulfill President John Adams’ warning “Remember that democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There has not been a democracy yet that has not committed suicide”. Electing a socialist Democrat government is suicide by socialism.


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  1. Well written Mr. Rossi. Unfortunately I feel America is on the brink because our younger citizens have not paid a price for their prosperity. The me, me, me generations think this is a never ending ride and it’s not. Should we lose the House, Senate and Presidency America as we know it will end.