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Rossi: The Futures of Our Kids Are In Serious Jeopardy




By Randy Rossi - 

Those of us that have studied history and have had the honor of living in America’s “sweet spot” after WWII and right up to last year could never have imagined how far and how fast this great nation could fall in just 12 months. Not only was America the greatest nation in the history of the world that brought freedom to 1 billion people by defeating Hitler and Tojo; we saw America rebuild Europe and Japan under the Marshall Plan, save Europe from the USSR and communism under NATO, defeat the USSR and free Eastern Europe by winning the Cold War, and then create the most prosperous and largest middle class in the history of the world. While we hit a “rough spot” under Democrat President Obama, after just 3 years under Republican President Trump our economy exploded producing the lowest unemployment for African-Americans, Hispanics, and Asians in US history and our stock market hit all-time highs benefitting every American with a 401-k plan. Life was good although Democrats did everything they could to distract Americans from all that good news.

Then it all change in just 4 months. First came the COVID 19 pandemic which shut down our economy and put 40 million Americans out of work and all of our kids out of school. Instead of uniting all Americans in these tough times that nobody caused, Democrats did everything they could to hurt our economy hoping to hurt Republican President Trump. And then a police officer committed a horrible crime by illegally killing an African-American and the entire nation went into chaos and anarchy. Suddenly liberals, the “Fake News”, and extreme groups violently attacked peace, the rule of law, the history of our great nation that gave us such good lives, and the very traditional American values that built this great nation. Anarchy was everywhere with violent protests that caused hundreds of millions of dollars of damage to American businesses and caused over 900 police officers to be hurt and at least 4 to be killed. The chaotic anarchists tore down statues and damaged monuments of our very Founding Fathers that gave us this great country. They even ignorantly damaged statues and monuments of great men that freed the slaves by winning the Civil War and defeating the Confederate Army run by Democrats. Great heroes like Republican President Abraham Lincoln who led our country to victory and gave us the Emancipation Proclamation that freed the slaves and General Grant who led the Union Army and as president signed the 15th Amendment which gave African-Americans the right to vote had their statues and/or monuments defaced and/or destroyed.

In addition to this destructive chaos and anarchy, Democrats have declared that their goal is to turn America into a socialist nation and kill the very capitalism that made America the most prosperous nation in the history of the world. They want to implement the Green New Deal which will cost $93 trillion and bankrupt our nation and put 6 million Americans in the oil and gas business out of work. They want to impose huge tax increases on our businesses and kill the Trump tax cuts that created the lowest unemployment in U.S. history. They want to open our borders, get rid of ICE, and allow in millions of illegal aliens which will create chaos and anarchy . On top of that Democrats want to defund the police and let chaos rule. If you want to see what America would look like under this Democrat anarchy and socialism, just look at what Seattle looked like while the anarchists ruled! Even better look at what happened to Venezuela. Venezuela was the most prosperous nation in Latin America with the most oil reserves in the world. Because my favorite international distributor was in Venezuela, I watched Venezuela go from a nation of prosperity and high hopes for the future to a nation that went bankrupt under socialism which caused massive destruction. Under this socialism the average Venezuelan lost 22 pounds because there was no food or money to pay for it, and 15% of Venezuelans have fled their country. The last time I saw my distributor he was crying in my office because he had to flee his home. All because the Venezuelan people were foolish enough to elect a socialist dictator. The Venezuelan people absolutely ruined the futures of their children and grandchildren by electing socialists.

Our parents and ancestors left us the freest and most prosperous nation in the history of the world. And because of their wisdom, we got to live wonderful lives envied around the world. That’s why over 1 million legal immigrants come to America every year. But unless we defeat the Democrats that want to impose this socialist chaos and anarchy on this great country, our kids and grandkids will never get to live the wonderful lives that the vast majority of Americans have been able to live.  If the Democrats win the White House and Senate in November, America will become a socialist nation in 4 years and our economy and stock market will collapse. Just as China is trying to rule the world under their communist dictatorship.

For us history nerds, this smells like a repeat of the Great Depression and the attack on freedom around the world by Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and dictatorial Japan in WWII. They were known as the “Axis of Evil”. What saved the world after Hitler conquered most of Europe and Japan conquered most of Asia was wonderful America.  Today China, Russia, and Iran are the new “Axis of Evil” that will try and rule the world. But if we let Democrats destroy this great republic and turn us into a socialist nation, there will be nobody in the world left to save freedom from this new “Axis of Evil. That is why this is the most important election since the Civil War. If you love freedom, prosperity, the rule of law, and your kids and grandkids; you have to vote Republican and defeat this socialist/ anarchist attack on our republic by Democrats.


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  1. To keep your freedoms you have to be eternally vigilant, and sometimes FIGHT to keep them.
    You can’t do this sitting on your [email protected]@ watching and believing the fake news broadcast every night on CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN and MSNBC.
    And you can’t just keep quiet around the gullible people who DO believe that broadcast crap, either. You have to ask them “Why do you believe that stuff?” and be prepared to explain to them why they have been hoodwinked.
    It will be a hard battle but, if WE succeed, it will be worth it. All we need is the courage to get it done.