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Thorner: Behind the Deep State: Deep State Bureaucrats and Intelligence Agencies (Part 1)




By Nancy Thorner - 

Who is behind Crossfire Hurricane, Russian Collusion, Ukrainian Hoax, impeachments, Lock downs, Riots, Insurrection.  Who's behind those people?  Who makes the decisions, who supplies the money, the coordination, the resources?  And what other schemes do the Radical Left and the Globalists have up their sleeve next?

The Marxists are already indoctrinating our kids to hate our country and become "Woke Global Citizens."

Alex Newman connected the dots in what was an extraordinary webinar on Sunday, June 27, 2020, when Newman presented an online national security briefing, Behind the Deep State, which can be viewed here.

Newman is an international journalist, educator, author and consultant.  He also serves as president of the small media and information consulting firm Liberty Sentinel Media, Inc. He currently serves as a foreign correspondent for The New American magazine. Read Alex Newman's full bio here.

Alex Newman's information filled webinar presentation — because of the dearth of vital and shocking information presented about the Deep State that is now in play as President Trump seeks re-election on November 3, 2020 — demanded a two-part presentation.  Part 1 follows:

What can actually be seen of the Deep State are the deep state bureaucrats and the operatives who make decisions in deep state intelligence operations.

But there is some good news according to a Monmouth Poll:  74% believe "Deep State" exists, defined as "group of unelected government and military officials who secretly manipulate or direct national policy."   Just 1 in 5 do not believe it exists.

A reference of note was made by Newman about Rich Higgins who was a former member of President Trump's National Security Council.  Higgins was dismissed by Deep Stater H.R. McMaster after it was discovered that his memo about the Deep State was given to President Trump.  

  • Higgins Memo: “The Deep State — The successful outcome of cultural Marxism is a bureaucratic state beholden to no one, certainly not the American people. With no rule of law considerations outside those that further deep state power, the deep state truly becomes, as Hegel advocated, god bestriding the earth.”…“Globalists and Islamists, both recognize that for their visions to succeed, America must be crushed as an ideal and as a national/political identity.”
Said Newman: "The Higgins memo is a summary of what President Trump is dealing with.  Is it any wonder why George Soros can say "he feels like a God."
According to the Office of Personal Management, the Bureaucratic Deep State includes nearly three million civilian federal employees.  Not included are the more than two million in the Armed Services or the over 20 million government employees at the state and level.
Not surprising is that during the Trump/Hillary presidential campaign of 2016, federal employees donated $1,852,881 to Hillary Clinton and only $106,586 to Donald Trump
As noted by Newman, FBI Intelligence is available that within the federal government exists an organized movement to block or interfere with administration policy decisions. They are civil service employees who serve directly below political appointees in Senior Executive Services. Numbering almost 8,000 (about 70% were appointed during the Obama administration) they are hard to get rid of, and as rogue federal bureaucrats they make the decisions, making it difficult for Trump to get what he wants from the bureaucracy. 
The Intelligence Agency
Crucial to the operation of the Deep State is the Intelligence Agency.
It is no secret in Washington, D.C. that Trump is hated.  One former intel officer, John Schindler, openly predicted "He will die in jail", after a tweet Trump made calling out leaks in the intelligence community. As Senator Chuck Schumer noted on the Rachel Maddow MSNBC in early January, 2020: 
“Let me tell you, you take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.  So even for a practical, supposedly hard-nosed businessman, he's being really dumb to do this.”
As to what Schumer and others might be thinking . . . How dare Trump think he is the chief executive of the federal government and that intelligence agents are to report to Trump and not to themselves, when Trump is only doing what the people elected him to do. 
During the Obama administration there were 72 categories of potential terrorist and domestic extremists identified in Homeland Security/DOD/DOJ documents, whose mission it was, in what was a fake war on terror, to protect this nation from communists.  Why then were evangelical Christians, Jews, Catholics, pro-life activists, and returning veterans targeted?
Despite the false flag scenario about communist threats, deep state communists were hired by the Obama administration.
 The following individuals were highlighted by Newman: 
  •  Obama's CIA Director John Brennan who voted for the Communist Party candidate, Gus Hall.  Although admitted this in 1980 in a CIA interview, he was cleared anyway.
  • James Comey, head of the FBI, admitted to being left of center in college, but by mid-1980s he admitted moving from a Communist to whatever he now.
  • CIA/DOD Leon Panetta, who has ties to the Marxist Institute for Policy Studies, voted for aid to Sandanistas and MFN for the Soviet Union and also surrendered the Panama Canal to Pro-Soviet government. 
As to Michael Hayden, former leader of the CIA and NSA, he was caught on a video in 2014 bragging in public about how the "intelligence" apparatus murders people based just on their metadata.
Deep state illegal activities during the Obama administration
It was William Binney, 30-year NSA official, who blew the whistle on Steller Wind, an operation in which the NSA had collected and stored most U.S. e-mails and at least 80 percent of phone calls.  As Binney said, "The NSA can build up knowledge about everyone in the country, and having that knowledge then allows them the ability to concoct all kinds of charges if they want to target you."  
Operation Fast and Furious" was a false flag operation. The DOJ, ATF, FBI, and CIA were caught transferring American weapons to brutal Mexican drug cartels.  
There was also Deep State drug running.  DEA chief Robert Bonnner on CBS said they caught CIA and Venezuelan government unlawfully bringing 1 ton of cocaine into the US with the Venezuelan government.   In 2014 investigation by El Universal revealed that for over a decade, U.S. government had a secret deal with the Sinaloa drug cartel that allowed it to operate with impunity and ship drugs into America at will.
Even mind control existed as was revealed from declassified documents from CIA Project MKULtra, where experiments were done on people in mental institutions and even children using LSD and mind-altering chemicals.
Going back to the 1950's there was Operation Mockingbird in which the CIA recruited hundreds of journalists and media executives to promote propaganda.
In 1952 the Select Committee was created in Congress to investigate tax-exempt foundations as to whether they were supporting communism, but it was even worse than that.  Ford Foundation president made this striking statement to Norman Dodd, the committee staff director:
"We are here to operate in response to similar directives, the substance of which is that we shall use our grant-making power to so alter life in the Unite States, that it can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union.
The CIA has overthrown at least 7 governments, including Iran, Guatemala, Congo, Dominican Republic, South Vietnam, Brazil, and Chile, which doesn't include military interventions, assassinations.
Part 2 will reveal the Deep State Behind the Deep State or the real Deep State:  Semi-secret organizations, Secret Societies, mega-rich, mega-banks, etc.


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