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The Latest Strategy To Fool Parents



Unnamed (1)Supporters who want to keep Common Core’s failed standards in place have come up with a new twist for deceiving unhappy parents. First, they point explicitly to Common Core as a failed strategy to increase the academic achievement of low achievers in order to alert parents to what has happened.

They do what seems at first confusing because it is widely known that most parents and teachers (if they felt free to speak their minds) detest Common Core’s standards, tests, and aligned textbooks or readings.  All Common Core’s failings and limitations are real. While the many articles on the decline in student achievement in a Common Core-aligned educational environment tell the truth, there is malice in the schadenfreude expressed about the many disadvantaged kids who have been deprived of the educational equity that Common Core was initially touted as creating.



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  1. Remember “The NEW Math” fiasco? Same problem.
    It didn’t work either.
    My wife is currently tutoring math students in a local junior college. Many of them can’t do simple multiplication and division problems, which they should have learned to do in 5th grade (as WE did.)
    She taught math in a suburban middle school for over 30 years. She says these crackpot education theories come around in cycles of 10 to 15 years each.
    When proven as failures once, they then get recycled years later to fool another generation of school administrators, teachers and parents. It is done largely to profit textbook writers, editors, and especially the textbook publishers.
    The idea being that a new generation of school administrators and teachers union bureaucrats will not know the history of the plan’s failings, and will be anxious to grab ANY “easy solution” to education problems.
    And so begins the taxpayer-paid-for public NON-education of another generation of children.