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Rossi: The Lib’s “Ignorance Pandemic”




By Randy Rossi - 

While everyone is very focused and concerned about the Covid 19 pandemic, what any rational person should really be focused on is the liberal’s “Ignorance Pandemic” which is putting our magnificent republic at great risk. Of course we have all watched the liberals protesting all across the nation and attacking our glorious history. Naturally they are attacking anything that they think is linked to the NY Times “1619 Project” that tries to pretend that America was built on slavery, not freedom. But as they march around tearing down historic statues all across our nation and attack our history, they are helping any informed American understand how ignorant they really are.

Let me share a few obvious examples:

  • One liberal mob tore down a statue of Ulysses S. Grant because he was supposedly a racist. Talk about ignorance! General Grant was the head of the Union Army (Republican) that defeated the Confederate Army (Democrat) that fought to keep slavery. Thanks to  General Grant’s leadership the Union Army won and the slaves were set free. On top of that, the 15th Amendment which gave African-Americans the right to vote was passed under President Grant’s leadership. Pretty racist right? 
  • To add to that ignorance, another liberal mob defaced the steps to the Lincoln Memorial because they think President Lincoln was a racist. This is ignorance to the 10th degree! Of course all informed Americans know that President Abraham Lincoln (Republican) led the Union Army that fought against and defeated the Confederate Army (Democrat) that declared war on America because they wanted to keep their African-American slaves. President Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation which was an executive order that ended slavery. Then just days after Confederate General Robert E. lee surrendered to General Grant which ended the Civil War and freed the slaves, President Lincoln (Republican) was killed by Confederate (Democrat) John Wilkes Booth for freeing the slaves. But goofy libs defaced President Lincoln’s Memorial. Brilliant!
  • Another liberal mob destroyed a statue honoring the 54th Massachusetts Regiment of the Civil War which they thought was racist. There is just a minor problem with that. The 54th was a Union (Republican) Army Regiment fighting for the freedom of slaves which was 100% African-American and it was destroyed by the Confederate Army (Democrat). That statue was to honor their bravery and sacrifice for freedom. The 54th was led by a white officer who died with his African-American men fighting for the freedom of slaves. Pretty racist right?

This liberal ignorance goes on and on. As mentioned several times, the Republicans fought for the freedom of African-Americans in the Civil War while Democrats fought to keep them enslaved. Republicans voted for the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments which gave African-Americans freedom, citizenship, and the right to vote. Democrats voted against those amendments. Thankfully, just like the Civil War, Republicans won that one too! On top of that, disappointed that they lost the Civil War, Democrats led by former Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forest, created the KKK to fight against African-American rights and Republican President Grant fought against them to protect the civil rights of African-Americans.

The NY Times “1619 Project” is a perfect example of the liberal “Ignorance Pandemic”. It is based on the theme that America was created and based on slavery and was the origin of slavery. Sounds pretty bad right? Thankfully for any informed person, that is a completely ignorant lie. Any informed person knows that slavery has been practiced in every country on Earth at one time or another. African-American slaves were first enslaved in Africa in tribal wars by their African-American “brothers” who sold them for profit to Europeans and/or Muslims who then sold some of them to what is now America. Most of those African-American slaves were shipped to the Caribbean and Central and South America. Romans, Vikings, Asians, Africans, and every other nation has practiced slavery at one time or another. Native Americans practiced slavery for thousands of years before Europeans even showed up. In tribal wars, the winning Native American tribe would enslave the losing tribe. Native Americans even practiced cannibalism in the Caribbean. And worse than slavery, the Aztec and Mayan Native American tribes slaughtered over 1 million other Native American tribes in religious services in which they would cut their hearts out on the altars at the top of their religious pyramids. I have been to the Mayan pyramid near Cancun and saw the altar in which their hearts were cut out. You could see the rock altar chipped by their knives as they cut those thousands of hearts out there. Somehow I think that the Caribe tribes liked Christopher Columbus a heck of a lot more than their competing Native American tribes that ate them or cut their hearts out. All Columbus did to them was spread peaceful Christianity! Pretty racist right? By the way, how many libs know that free African American plantation owners owned 13% of the Black slaves in America and several Native American tribes also owned slaves and fought with the Confederate Army (Democrat) against the Union Army (Republican) to keep those slaves?

While these “uninformed” libs blame America for slavery even though we abolished it in 1865, slavery is still practiced around the world. While America abolished slavery in 1865 through the blood of 650,000 Americans that died to free the slaves in the Civil War, the last nation to legally end slavery was Mauritania in Africa in 1981. But it is estimated that there are still 27 million illegal slaves in the world primarily in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. Sadly, these truths are not taught in school anymore nor are they covered in the “Fake News”. And that folks is why we have a liberal “Ignorance Pandemic”.

What is truly amazing is to watch Democrats who fought to keep slavery and tried to keep African-Americans from being U.S. citizens or getting the right to vote accuse the very Republicans who fought for the freedom of African-Americans and gave them citizenship and the right to vote of being racists. Those Democrats can only get away with that incredible lie because of the “Ignorance Pandemic”.


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