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Yesteryear’s Anti-Racism Is Today’s ‘Racism’




By embracing Marxism, the Left is ironically stoking the fires of genuine racism.

In these increasingly upside-down times, one of the most profound examples testifying to our altered reality is the popular redefinition of racism. While racism is still considered by the vast majority of America as evil, the leftist-driven understanding of what constitutes racism is fast becoming the exact opposite.

Those who battled for civil rights by and large were fighting for equality in society under the law. As Martin Luther King Jr. famously espoused in his “Dream” speech, he was pushing for a colorblind society where individuals are not judged by “the color of their skin, but the content of their character.” In today’s world, King would be branded a racist for failing to see color.

In fact, today’s leftist “anti-racists” share more in common with George Wallace and his views on race than they do King. Liberty Unyielding’s Hans Bader insightfully notes, “America’s colleges, media, and cultural institutions are being swept by the ideology of ‘anti-racism.’ It openly advocates racial discrimination against white people, and promotes bigoted, lower expectations for black people.”



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  1. This has been going on for the past 50 years, so it is nothing new.
    But it is escalating. The present overwhelming escalation is due to the Left’s drive to defeat Trump and take over- permanently.

  2. “We must teach our children to hate,” Vladimir Lenin instructed his education commissars. The Bolshevik godfather declared that hatred was not only “the basis of communism” but “the basis of every socialist and Communist movement.”
    Inside every liberal democrat politician is a totalitarian, screaming to get out
    Deceive, Divide and Destroy…. that is the religion of the Commiecrat left in this country