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Thorner/O’Neil: Concerns of Patriots as November 3rd Nears




By Nancy Thorner & Bonnie O'Neil –

The attempted murder of two young Los Angeles police officers, shot at close range while sitting in their police car, is shocking and unacceptable in this nation. The incident reminded patriots of how specific people in leadership positions, aided by Leftist media sources, can stir up negative thoughts about our police officers and elected officials, even our President. Such public comments provide fodder for not only our foreign enemies to use against our nation, but also for others within our nation with serious mental problems that could result in “copycat” crimes.

It is therefore imperative that American patriots throughout our nation speak out against those who unfairly criticize police officers and others in positions of authority. What happened in L.A. is not an isolated example. Both police officers were very fortunate to have survived their murder attempts, but it was an eye-opener as to the threat which seems prevalent today against the very men and women who have chosen a career that protects others from harm.

It is past time for law abiding citizens to become more vocal in support of their police officers. The Black and Latino communities have proved to be some of the most enthusiastic supporters of Donald Trump in 2020, specifically because of President Trump's commitment to law and order. 

Candace Owens is a Black woman who has earned respect by passionately speaking out about truths that can be verified with facts. One popular accomplishment Candace and Republican leaders have advanced is that President Donald Trump has done more for minorities than any other President in our history.  How then can politicians and media sources claim the opposite?  

Ideologically driven
Disturbing are those who work and/or contribute funding to those who infect our nation with anger and hate so intensive that it has led to physical violence.  This behavior must be exposed and investigated for potential evidence of treason.
Make no mistake, the ideology that drives those attacking first responders and burning down our cities won't suddenly disappear when the radicals take off their anarchy patches and ski masks.  Nor is this just a small group of radicals.  We must understand that many of the attacks are intentional and perpetrated by Marxist groups to harm the fabric of the United States.
Although patriotic American citizens do recognize the intent of those who rip away our laws and violate our cities in a variety of ways, they do wonder if media and our justice system do as well.  It is rare for obvious incidents of anti-American behavior to be labeled and prosecuted as such.
Not only have the coronavirus lock downs not worked, but they deny first amendment rights to assemble and the right of “due process.”  That Biden has hinted at more lock downs is alarming should he win the presidency. We must begin to speak out against unnecessary new rules and invasive laws, which once established are difficult to rescind.
It is also probable that a President Biden would be unusually subject to others around him, such as Kamala, who would have a strong influence on his political thinking, direction, and ultimate decisions.  It is no secret — accept among brainwashed Democrats — that Joe Biden appears to be having cognitive problems, creating concerns that he could be easily influenced/manipulated by those around him.
Bad decisions
Bad decisions by our elected officials harm all of us, not just the citizens of one political party.  Victor Davis Hanson, a Hoover Institute Senior Fellow, stated his concerns on Fox TV.  Biden seems to have used a teleprompter when he makes public speeches.  President Trump further called Biden out on this dishonesty.  
Could Democrats be concerned that Joe Biden would be ravished by Presidents Trump in the upcoming debates, thus finding ways to give Biden advance questions and/or find a reason to cancel debates and/or political discussions?
As for Biden accusing Trump of being a climate arsonist, that this nation would be blown away by super storms if Trump were elected, Mr. Hanson went on to remind us that we know there are horrendous fires currently ravaging areas in California; however, the governor, a Democrat, has done very little to protect his citizens from the wild fires.  Accordingly, the Left’s manipulation of science has caused many businesses to close, just as the Left's manipulation of science has confused other politically important issues. 
Confused citizens
In spite of the protests and riots that continue to take place across this nation, even after the lives of two Compton California police officers were shot while sitting in their police car, there are law abiding citizens who still fail to realize that many of the protestors — not to be confused with peaceful protestors — are not the typical law abiding, hard-working citizens, with families and children, who are content with their lives. 
The rhetoric that comes from the mouths of the anarchists has little, if any, basis of truth.  Because their riots and the destruction of neighborhoods through fires and looting are seldom reported by the mainstream media, many citizens are left believing false information and/or deliberate lies. While common sense reasoning should alert citizens that something is very wrong when our police officers are being blamed for all the problems in our cities, especially when these are the people who risk their lives every day to prevent crime and protect innocent people from criminals, brainwashing by a deceptive media kicks in.
This begs the questions: 1) Who has been organizing the attacks against our law officers? and 2) why haven’t media sources investigated and reported facts as to what a is the truth?
These important questions pose threats to our society.  They deserve thorough investigations.  Americans have the right to know who is behind the riots, the killing of officers, and what could now be defined as anarchy.  It is not out of line to connect much of the violence to the upcoming Presidential election.  After all, the mantra of the Left is to blame President Trump for every ill that befalls this nation.
Alertness required
America citizens, for the most part, have been taught and trained to obey rules and to respect those in authority.  If we tolerate and/or justify gangs of people, and/or anyone who breaks our laws, attacks our police officers, and/or purposes to cause chaos in our cities and streets, we will soon lose what our forefathers sacrificed for.  In sorrow will see the fabric of our nation come apart, ending up as a once great nation who lost her way to bring about her exit from its foremost place in the world.  
There will always be isolated cases of officers who deserve to be rebuked and/or fired, but there is something seriously wrong when specific people organize ways to publicly malign the 99 percent who risk their lives to protect us every day of the year. 
The United States of America has survived as a prosperous nation largely because she has been comprised of good, honest, hard-working, productive people, but also because of the form of government our forefathers willed to us.
Nevertheless, our Republic is not without vulnerable areas that must be carefully watched and protected.  It is important that we not take anything for granted by becoming lazy in our vigilance to protect our country from attacks upon us. These attacks can be devised by traitors within or terrorists from countries outside the USA.  
Each of us, in our own communities and states, must be alert to identify those who might spew lofty words and offer persuasive accusations for the purpose of attempting unhealthy, questionable, possibly destructive changes to our nation, remembering that Antifa and Black Lives Matter are Marxist groups supported by the progressive left of the Democrat Party.
Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden’s answer to the increasing violence was to question the public’s right to be armed.   Does anyone think criminals will obey laws to surrender their weapons?
As said by a California City Manager in Compton, CA following the ambushing of two of its deputies, "Chickens come home to roost", when it was anti-police rhetoric in the first place that had fueled the shootings by the perpetrator.
Where is the public outrage? 
At the same time there are an increasing number of hoodlums in cities, and Boy Scouts have filed for bankruptcy, so it would seem our citizens might want to discuss these and many other issues with their elected officials and then expect positive results.    


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