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Byrne: The unremarkable Dick Durbin



By Dennis Byrne - 

Oh, by the way, Democrat Dick Durbin is running for re-election as Illinois’ senior United States senator. You could easily have missed it, seeing as how his re-election is considered to be the surest thing to happen in Illinois except, perhaps, for political corruption.

Durbin is the odds-on favorite to win even though Illinois voters, if asked, couldn’t really say what he stands for. His 40 years in Illinois politics gives new meaning to wishy-washy, blah and ho-hum. In this, Durbin is Joe Biden writ small.

Durbin isn’t just a problem for the failed state called Illinois. As a party leader, he’s bad news for the rest of America. 

Voters can only guess if he welcomes or fears the threats posed to party unity and, not the least, the nation, by the hard left. Lord only knows if he is even aware of the menace. Voters have no idea if, as the “second most powerful Senate Democrat,” he will acquiesce to the extreme left’s coup.

His amiable, get-along to go-along nature explains his rise to the top of Illinois politics, where the key to success is, as described in the title of Milton Rakove’s books about the Chicago and Illinois ways of politics, “Don't Make No Waves…Don't Back No Losers” and “We Don't Want Nobody Nobody Sent.”

Durbin has been docile, passive and submissive. He has failed to forcefully defend moderation, the middle ground or traditional Democrats. His silence is acquiescence. Durbin is in a position to guide Democrats toward reasonable, moderate and workable public policy, but will he? His record screams No.

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