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Censors of Big Tech Courting Big Trouble




The only reason social media giants are allowed to exist in their current form is due to special federal protections provided under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. Without this law, companies like Facebook and Twitter could not function. They have made billions of dollars off of unique protections offered by the CDA, and how have they repaid the American people? By silencing voices with whom they don’t agree and refusing to operate in good faith under the terms of Section 230.

We’ve reached a point of clarity and, if there is any justice, a point of no return for Big Tech. The social media giants enjoy special protections against liability because they promise to be ‘platforms’ for free speech, not ‘publishers’ of the speech they prefer. Big Tech’s power must be reduced, and no regulatory option—from revocation of Section 230 protections to the application of antitrust law—can be off the table.

“Twitter and Facebook had to know suppressing this story under such ridiculous ‘standards’ would nuke their reputation and put at risk the Section 230 protection that makes their business model possible,” Heartland Institute Jim Lakely said. “They clearly decided that protecting Joe Biden was worth it.”



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