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Rossi: Proof The “Fake News” Is Indeed “The Enemy Of the People”




By Randy Rossi - 

If you had any doubt about the “Fake News” being “The Enemy of the People”, the fact that most of the “Fake News” hid the New York Post’s breakthrough report on the content of Hunter Biden’s computer which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that he used his dad’s powerful position as VP to make millions of dollars from China, Russia, Ukraine, and other countries proves that the “Fake News” acts as an agent for Democrats and against Republicans.

Not only did Twitter and Facebook censor anybody that tried to share this critical news with the American people, the vast majority of news sources refused to report on this breakthrough news hiding it from the American people. In the NBC and ABC debates with President Trump and VP Biden, this breakthrough news was not even mentioned once as we are just a few days away from the election.

Shouldn’t the American people have the right to hear that there is hard proof that the son of the Democrat running for President used his dad’s enormous power to make millions of dollars from enemies of America like China and Russia? Added to that, we all know that Democrat VP Biden publicly bragged about using $1 billion of American aid to Ukraine to get Ukraine to fire that prosecutor that was investigating the company (Burisma) that had hired Hunter Biden to be on their board and paid him millions of dollars to use his leverage with the VP of the United States.

Burisma got a very good ROI on their money to Joe’s son when VP Biden got Ukraine to fire the prosecutor that was investigating them! That folks is called a “Quid Pro Quo” which is an illegal use of power and exactly what Democrats tried to impeach President Trump for doing when he simply asked the new Prime Minister of the Ukraine to investigate Biden on this and get the truth.


Fox News and the WSJ are two of the very few news sources that shared this breakthrough data with their readers and viewers. They both reported the truth that Hunter Biden dropped his computer off for repair and never reclaimed it even though he was contacted multiple times to pay for the work done on it. He signed a contract that legally gave the computer to the company working on it if he did not pay for the work in 90 days. When the owner of that repair company saw the content of the computer plus the stories about Hunter Biden using his father’s power to make millions of dollars, the owner of the company contacted the FBI who seized the computer almost 2 years ago and we never heard a peep from them. Thankfully, the owner of that company made copies of the computer content and released them to Rudy Giuliani and the New York Post who then tried to share it with the American people. But the vast majority of the “Fake News” hid that critical news from the American people. Thankfully, the New York Post is the 6th largest  newspaper in America and Americans are starting to get the truth thanks to them and honest news sources like Fox and the WSJ.

How big a threat is the “Fake News” which includes “Big Tech” companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and others? China, the greatest cheating and stealing country on Earth is indeed a strategic threat to America but America could successfully handle that threat if the American people were properly informed and motivated. That is true of all the threats, both external and internal that the American people face. But if the truth is hidden from the American people or twisted to benefit the Democrat Party who has a goal of socialism and giving the government total control over the American people, that is a far more dangerous threat than China or Russia. Over the last four years, we have seen incredible proof of the damage the “Fake News” can do. For four years, the “Fake News” and Democrats lied to the American people and told them that Republican President Trump colluded with Russia to defeat Hillary Clinton. The Democrats and the heads of the FBI, CIA, and other government agencies used the “Fake News” to spread these lies so that they could impeach a duly elected president. Thankfully it did not work and we now know with hard proof that there was no collusion between Russia and the Trump Team. What we now know with hard proof is that Democrat Hillary Clinton and the DNC paid $12 million for a phony Russian dossier that was fraudulently and illegally used to spy on the Trump Team. The FISA Court has now formally declared that all four FISA warrants used to spy on the Trump Team were illegally and fraudulently obtained because they used that phony Russian dossier which was written by a known Russian spy to get those warrants. The bottom line is that President Trump did not collude with Russia but Hillary Clinton, the DNC, and the FBI and CIA did collude with Russia in order to overturn a duly elected president. This is the most horrific act of treason in U.S. history yet most Americans don’t have the facts because the “Fake News” has done everything it can to hide the facts from the American people for four years.

Our Founding Fathers warned us that democracy can’t exist without a properly informed “people”. That is why we have “Freedom of Speech” and “Freedom of the Press”. Sadly, 90% of the news today is biased against conservatives and Republicans and they hide the truth to both support their liberal Democrat allies and to harm and slander their conservative Republican competitors. The “Fake News” is the greatest “Enemy of the People” that there is and it is a greater threat than China and Russia could ever be. This outrageous attack on the truth should be the “Last Straw” that should motivate every loyal American to demand justice and the truth. Those “Fake News” sources need to be severely punished when they hide the truth and lie to the American people. If the American people are properly informed, they can successfully handle any threat to this “Great Republic” whether it is external or internal. But if the “Fake News” hides the truth from the American people, that is the biggest threat to this “Great Republic” that there is.


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  1. The major media outlets. plus Twitter and Fake-book were quick enough to spread their rant for the anti-Trump “Russia hoax” for four years though, weren’t they?
    They didn’t question the validity of THAT, and attacked anyone who attempted to tell the facts underlying that hoax.