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Thorner: Don’t believe the doomsday reports of Trump losing



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By Nancy Thorner –

Media reports every day express the notion that President Donald J. Trump is double digits behind former Vice President Joe Biden in the polls to depress voting among Republicans.  But we all know what happened in 2016 in the Hillary/Trump race for president when the polls predicted Hillary would win by a landslide, and then she lost to outsider businessman Donald Trump.

According to the following article posted at Powerlineblog.com, Beneath the Top Line Poll Numbers, "The shift to the left by the Democrat Party of today has occurred chiefly among white Democrats. This may be the hidden weakness that delivers the election to Trump."

As a new report from Zach Goldberg notes from survey data from the spring of 2020 about Democratic voters in Arizona, California, Colorado, and Texas, "White Democrats are the most hostile group to increased security along the U.S.-Mexico border, black Democrats favor increased security more than white Democrats by a two-to-one margin. Even Hispanic Democrats favor stronger border security than white Democrats do. No wonder polls show Trump running better than Republican nominees usually do with Hispanics."


Another hopeful sign:  David Wasserman, House editor for The Cook Political Report, wrote on Oct. 1 that voter registration patterns over a longer period in key battleground states show that “Republicans have swamped Democrats in adding new voters to the rolls, a dramatic GOP improvement over 2016.”


This New York Times article by Thomas B. Edsal, Biden Is Not Out of the Woods, should make Democrats very nervous and Republicans pleased.

Evaluating the November election
“The race for the White House is a little closer than it looks” says the Economist. “After weeks of bad news, Donald Trump’s supporters may temporarily be declining pollsters’ calls” says Politico.
There is some of that, but the main reason is the polls are as fake as they have ever been, as least in my lifetime. Politico, the New York Times, the Economist, etc. know they can't hold out the “Biden Sweeps” scenario any longer, as this latest poll about John James shows.  
It's an old game but amazingly it works every four years.  Jiggered polls show Democrats much more ahead than reality as this excellent article in the American Thinker on October 13, 2020 shows about a recent “poll”. 
The media, which has engaged in nearly criminal acts to stop Trump, has fully invested itself in four months of narrative distribution in only one direction. Not a single MSM entity has questioned their travel as a result of false leaks or false sources in the totality of time they have covered the DOJ and FBI story.  The media has even won Pulitzer prizes for writing stories about the lies and manufactured evidence. In that, the media cannot have Trump and possibly a new Attorney General going against it, hence the untruthful media polling.  
The Biden-Harris ticket
Unfortunately for the pollsters and their media enablers, the Biden/Harris ticket could possibly be the most pathetic political pair in the history of the United States.  If we didn't know better, there are times when we'd think Joe Biden was drunk when slurring his words. And what about when Joe Biden said he's running as "a proud Democrat for the Senate," or when Biden can't remember the name of his 2012 opponent?
There were more Trump supporters than Biden supporters at Biden's drive-in "rally" in Toledo, Ohio on October 12, 2020. They were supposedly waving Nazi flags but were instead there to drown out Joe’s speech with chants of “four more years,” “Trump!” and “USA!” throughout the event.
Unfortunately for Biden, could he be past the point where Namenda and Aricept will do him any good?  Joe Biden has displayed both tremors of the hand and full body tremors. Tremors affect 80% of people with Parkinson’s. Tremors are the most common symptom of Parkinson’s. More here
At least 10% of the voters in Pennsylvania have Italian background, but Columbus Day instead became “Indigenous Peoples' Day for Biden.  While some might question why Martin Luther King and Columbus should have their own holidays, when Antifa topples Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt statues, but not Lenin's, in Seattle, it's obvious this is the same old Jacobin game of indiscriminately wiping out the past for the glorious new revolutionary future
As reported on October 1, 2020: The Working Families Party and all four members of the ‘Squad’ unveiled an agenda designed to push Joe Biden to the far-left should he win the presidency in November.  Known as the “People’s Charter,” the plan seeks universal health care, re-allocation of resources away from policing, canceling student debt, and advancing the tenets behind the Green New Deal.”
Might the “Squad” already sense that Biden is losing, as members saw no need to hide their agenda?  Was it to remind everyone why Biden lost because he wasn't socialist enough!
On Monday through Wednesday (October 12-14), a group of almost as bad as Biden-Harris in their ability to function as Democrat Senators badgered Coney Barrett about ObamaCare, pushing the same lines as the ads that tell everyone they will lose their health insurance if Trump gets reelected.  Yet Coney Barrett didn't criticize Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act).
As a judge, Barrett has never ruled on Obamacare.  As a scholar, she took the firm position that a judge’s important but modest role is to say what the law is, not to formulate public policy.
Trump is accused of lying, what about the bald-faced, easily contradicted lying of the Democrats which is never fact checked or called out by the media?  
Voter fraud as a Democrat means to win
Two can play the same game when it comes to ballot harvesting, except in the People's Republic of California where Republicans don't have the same rights as Democrats.
California’s chief elections official ordered Republicans to remove unofficial ballot drop boxes from churches, gun shops and other locations.  Attorney General Xavier Becerra further warned those behind the “vote tampering” could face prosecution. Republican refused, saying they are taking advantage of California’s liberal ballot collection law that allows anyone to collect ballots from voters and deliver them to county election offices.
Democrats are forcing a universal law for all Federal elections with these judge rulings and state laws that invite fraud — no signatures required for ballots, ballot harvesting, counting ballots weeks after the election, no purging of the voter rolls of non citizens, the dead and the moved, etc. 
Without massive fraud, the Democrat Party would cease to exist nationally.  Let's see how much ballot fraud we have this election.  With absentee ballots not being used by a large part of the Democrat base, and with the Biden and other local campaigns way behind in organizing thanks to Covid panic, computer vote fraud will prevail, such as whole percentages of votes taken from Trump and counted for Biden.
Censorship by Social Media
But it's not just the Democrats who are teetering on the edge of destruction, it's the entire D.C. apparatus.  Haspel continues to stonewalltop Republican senators demanding that the intelligence chief hand over Russiagate documents requested more than two months ago.  This delay continues, despite the know facts that Obama and Co. has been deliberately using the information to sabotage Trump before and after the election.  For this reason Obama and Co. must have Democrats at least hold on to the House and do well enough in the Senate to retain a good measure of control.
Recently Netflix Co-CEO Ted Sarandos voiced shock that a censorship debate has sprung up around the controversial Cuties film after a Texas grand jury indicted the streamer over the feature, even though “Cuties” is pedophilia any way you cut it. Tesla, Netflix, Google, Facebook, Twitter are all riding for a fall if Trump wins.  They all depend on the present system of financing those who make little or no money and a media protected, crony capitalism and “justice” system that defends their interests.
Is it any wonder that ads seeking to "delegitimise any lawful method or process of voting" were banned by Facebook, out of concern that  some may claim postal voting could encourage fraud?
Facebook and Twitter have also limited the distribution of New York Post reporting of claims about Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, leading President Trump's campaign and allies to charge the companies with censorship.
Both social media companies said the moves were aimed at slowing the spread of potentially false information; however, they gave few details about how they reached their decisions, sparking criticism about the lack of clarity and consistency with which they apply their rules. 
News the American people should know before they vote is accordingly being censored by social media to shield Biden and his family from the scrutiny Americans deserve. 
Enter Russia?
And so it has begun.  The FBI is claiming that our election systems have been compromised, that hackers have managed to hack into our government’s networks and gained access to the election systems.
The Department of Homeland Security claims that "as far as they can tell, there hasn’t been any evidence that anything was actually tampered with or could be tampered with in the following weeks.”
However, it is almost assured that the Democrats are going to claim once again that Russia is trying to help President Trump win.


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  1. California’s chief elections official ordered Republicans to remove unofficial ballot drop boxes from churches, gun shops and other locations. Attorney General Xavier Becerra further warned those behind the “vote tampering” could face prosecution. Republican refused, saying they are taking advantage of California’s liberal ballot collection law that allows anyone to collect ballots from voters and deliver them to county election offices.
    As above in the past election California Democrats have done ballet harvesting in the last election. Even churches need to protect ballots.
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    Carl Lambrecht