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Will County Board Dems agree to move forward with racial reparations for “transgenerational damage”



WILL COUNTY – Will County and Illinois residents may not be aware of its offensive history, but the Will County Democrats have decided that because the county and state participated in slavery, it is time they compensate for it. 

At least those Will County citizens participating in legalized pot sales will. 

This week, the Will County majority voted to set up a committee to determine how funds the county acquires via cannabis sales can be channeled towards slave descendents. 

The Dems agreed that the state of Illinois promoted "white supremacy" and "made legal, tolerated and enabled the institution of slavery" in its history.

The Caucus voted to move forward with the following proclamation, entitled "Repairing the Transgenerational Damage Done through Slavery, the Black Codes, the War on Drugs and Mass Incarceration in Will County, IL:" 

Democrats push repairations (1)[1]

The proclamation continued: 

Democrats push repairations (2)
Democrats push repairations (2)
Democrats push repairations (2)




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  1. So even though thousands of Union soldiers gave their lives for the freedom of those held in slavery, this is not enough of a compensation for those that were freed? Will I and my relatives be exempt from any payment since my ancestor’s did not arrive in the United States until the late 1800’s?

  2. Good luck determining who is a descendant of slaves.
    What about half breeds? Do they get 50% of the spoils?
    What about recent immigrants from Africa?
    What about Haitians? Jamaicans?
    These people are idiots.

  3. Very sad that we have legalized cannabis in Illinois. This is wrong is it’s self. Very wrong.
    Very sad that the leaders of Will County are convinced that it is right to be doing such a racist thing as give reparations to certain people.
    After the time of the Civil War, former slaves were given 40 acres and a mule. Now we are giving the descendants of former African American slaves more reparations. The money that is collecting in taxes is for ALL people.
    I fear that with the direction that this state is headed, this state won’t get to be my lifelong home.

  4. It only takes one single election for the hardcore left to begin flexing their muscles.
    A few months ago, we read stories about similar lunacy occurring in Lake County, Illinois after the Democrats secured control of the county board for the first time in ages. A local activist turned county commissioner wanted to ban Civil War reenactments as serving to promote white supremacy.

  5. Cook County lunacy is moving into Will County as Democrat Party candidates and Democrat elected officials promise “FREE STUFF” to minority voters in exchange for their giving up their vote to get these Democrat Pimps elected. Services will be given by these Democrat Party pimps in exchange for the selling of your vote and your soul for “Free Stuff” if Democrats obtain power. Simply another form of Prostitution by the Democrat Party. Atta boy, guys.

  6. I find it ironic that Democrats are pushing reparations to cleanse their own sins and pass the costs on to others. In the 1860’s the Democrat platforms still called for slavery. It was Democrats who formed the KKK and passed Jim Crow laws.
    My recollection is that Illinois was a free state by the time the Civil War broke out. I found “History of slavery in Illinois” in wiki… which confirms that in colonial days slavery did exist in the Illinois region and was still tolerated when Illinois became a state. Slavery in Illinois dwindled over the years and the “Illinois’ Constitution of 1848 banned slavery.” And yes, Illinoisans fought in the union army to end it for the entire nation.
    Reparations is NOT justice. This proposal is a handful of politicians wanting to feel good by playing Santa with other people’s money, while actually promoting racial division.

  7. Please stop viewing yourself as a victim!! That is exactly what big government wants! The only thing holding you back is yourself. Work hard and better yourself everyday and you will be a success!! If you behave like a victim then you will always have your handout looking for someone else to take care of you.