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Thorner: President Trump’s plausible election scenario



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Op-ed by Nancy Thorner - 

Did you know this fact about China?  A foreign publication reported the truth: The Times of London, “Mass Blackouts After China Cuts Australian Coal Imports."

“China is suffering mass power cuts in the south, prompting cities to dim street lights, suspend factory production and tell office blocks to turn off heating unless the temperature falls below 3C.  The electricity crisis appears to have been prompted by a shortage of coal after Beijing banned imports from Australia. China imposed trade bans against Australia after Canberra demanded an inquiry into the origins of coronavirus and criticised Beijing’s treatment of the people of Hong Kong.”

When it comes to China, just about everything is covered up, like China's obvious interference in our election, as the hard-hitting December 18, 2020 Epoch Times documentary concluded: China Helped Steal U.S. Election.  

Maybe Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is right about Russia being part of the Solar Winds cyber hack of last week, as Pompeo suggested via a teleconference interview of December 18, 2020 with Mark Levin, but Pompeo also emphasized the China threat and their evil influence on our media.

But Trump is also correct.  Chinese hackers are notorious for using Russian IP addresses to cover their tracks.   Even parts of the “mainstream” media are admitting CHINA can play games (now that that they think the election has been safely stolen).
“Why would any foreign actor go through all the trouble to rob a bank and yet take nothing?  This is the metaphor for U.S. officials noticing the backdoor to our national cyber-network was found wide open, and yet not a single organization attached to the SolarWind’s Orion network points to any negative impact other than the existence itself of the originating malware. It just doesn’t add up. Keep in mind… this “malware” has been in place since May and only recently identified.” 
Might it be that this “discovery” of the Solar Winds hack has come for two reasons—to give the media something to talk about beside Chinese and Democrat efforts to steal the election and possibly to give Dominion and other vote “counting” firms an excuse for all their “glitches”. 
Trump's election strategy
Trump has tweeted a lot, but it doesn't make sense why Trump hasn't gone on national TV to illustrate the November 4th naked fraud spikes for Biden.   We are the only major country that counts ballots by computers and doesn't have a strict rule to compare photo ID, etc. with all ballots in by election day.  Trump should say "All I want is a recount that is honest.” 
Maybe Trump was trying to cut a deal with the Uniparty to not upset the system too much.  But the Uniparty has decided to go all out to stop him with no help from the majority of “Republicans” on the Supreme Court or even in the “Republican” state legislators: “The Supreme Court plainly stated in Bush v. Gore that the power of the legislatures is presidential elections is “plenary.” That means that the legislatures can do pretty much anything they want, rescue the presidential election or not.    
So it looks like we are going to get a show down on January 6 with the greatest D.C. demonstration in history.
President Trump sent out a tweet at 1:42 AM on 12/20/2020 where he promoted a “big protest” in DC against the election fraud that appears to have taken place in November. 
President Trump also included a link to a Washington Examiner story about Peter Navarro’s 36-page report alleging election fraud that was “more than sufficient” to swing the victory. Navarro is the Director of the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy.
A plausible scenario for President Trump 
Following is a plausible scenario from a comment in this report: Sidney Powell Meets With President Trump in Oval Office to Discuss Vote Fraud.
“…President Trump was persuaded in the early days after the election to pursue a legal strategy to get the election before the Supreme Court.,,“Republican” justices would right the wrongs…illegal votes would be thrown out, the states would have to certify new (legal) results, and Trump would win. This conflicted with the much more bold and hard-line strategy of Sydney Powell…and that of LtGen Flynn, would be to target enemy forces, force the (voting) machines to be analyzed independently of the corrupt and complicit Secretary of State in these different locations.
“The “rift” in November was President Trump deciding on pursuing the legal strategy. If that did not work, stronger measures would be considered. A phony baloney story was concocted that Sydney Powell would be working independently from the campaign due to some easily-solved money issue that mysteriously could not be solved (e.g. RNC refusing to pay her). Powell was left to pursue her strategy independently from the bigger horsepower of the Trump “official” team.
“That original legal strategy accomplished one, very important, but unintended result: it smoked out the Courts as being corrupt participants in the coup. The Supreme Court – believe the stories you hear about them yelling at each other – is as corrupt as many of the state courts and the lower district and appellate courts are equally corrupt. Sydney Powell’s heretofore similarly fruitless efforts to force discovery just add to the problems. If not for one judge in MI, and one very persistent voter, we would still not have access to any Dominion machines.  
“So, did the meeting of Sidney Powell with President Trump in the Oval Office to Discuss Vote Fraud on 12/20/020 mean that President Trump has had enough of the legal/courts strategy and has decided to change course towards the original strategy proposed by Powell/Flynn, that the 1:42 am tweet to all of his supporters to be in D.C. on 1/6/21 therefore means the President has made a decision?  
“The court battles are pointless. He needs a point-man (point-woman, in this case) to lead a Special Counsel investigation, empanel a grand jury, subpoena and impound ALL voting machines (especially in the 6 key states) and decide who would be carrying out this order. The declaration of emergency in his executive order gives the President enormous powers to deploy the military to seize the machines. This is an example, he would not have have to send military forces, but they’re probably the only institution in the Government at this point that is trustworthy.”   End of Scenario
But if there isn't some Ratcliffe report out soon that documents foreign election interference and greater documentations of fraud, particularly computer vote fraud, there is a possibility that the January 6th  D.C. demonstration is just one big blowing off steam by the Deplorables before the “dark winter” of President Harris, but I hope not.  


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  1. It’s my opinion that President Trump “smelled a rat” several years ago, and expected something of this type to take place,but knew it would have to actually happen so the American people could see it themselves.
    The Democrats wrongly believe that anyone except themselves is “stupid.” That includes President Trump, who has always been WAAAY ahead of them.
    A wealthy man with many contacts, I believe Trump had inside information on this fraud, and was only waiting for the Democrats and big media to show their cards,
    which they finally and foolishly DID.