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IL GOP claims credit for Madigan removal



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After Illinois Republicans flipped four seats in the House, defeated the progressive income tax, defended Congressman Rodney Davis, and defeated a Madigan lackey on the Illinois Supreme Court for the first time in state history – House Democrats finally realized that Madigan must go," the IL GOP Facebook post said. "Our electoral victories in 2020 – powered by YOU – forced Madigan out." 

What do you think?  


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  1. The Ill GOP had nothing to do with it.
    Madigan was an increasing albatross to even more moderate downstate DEMs
    But the Leftist DEMS in Chicago really wanted the White man out of there.
    And now a far more Marxist Black is in charge. So they got there wish.
    Just like at the federal level the Marxist DEMS are so hoping that Biden willl croak and they can assume full power.