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Tuesday, February 7, 2023
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Kinzinger named to Time 100 list



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  1. Kinzinger served two tours in Iraq? Tours or weeks?
    When I went into combat, twice, I spent twelve months and ten months. The Air Force had short tours of 120 days. I understand Kinzinger may have been there two weeks at a time.
    I really don’t think Adam knows or understands the sacrifices our servicemen are making. If he did, he wouldn’t be the biggest promoter of the US military everywhere, all the time, and don’t bring them home.
    He cannot and does not lead by example in this area.

  2. “Named to the TIME 100 List?”
    TIME, the left-wing magazine that often picks the most notorious leftist, socialist or Communist as “Man (or woman)of the Year?”
    If THIS isn’t enough to condemn Kinzinger as a left-leaning RINO, what more evidence is needed?

  3. Good lord, this will only fuel his ego trip. I just read today that there are COUNTIES in his district that he hasn’t even been to in years. Watch his PAC take the place of the Lincoln project as he watches the dollars roll in.

  4. This guy has/had a pretty safe and comfortable career. He could have just kept quiet.
    Something made him risk it all. Principles? Aspirations? Hard to say.
    But now that i see the reaction from his Republican colleagues for being “disloyal” to trump, i am more inclined to applaud him, whatever his reasons. Trump isn’t the Republican Party.