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Marter: I’m “all in” to replace Congressman Adam Kinzinger




By James Marter - 

Now more than ever, America needs protection from the Radical Left, rather than surrender and submission. I have unfinished business with Adam Kinzinger. I am "all in" to repeal and replace him. Let’s send him to an early retirement from Congress!

We need real Republican leadership in Congress, which will stick to conservative principles, not just side with the politically-abusive and dangerous Left.

Last week I had an interview on the SiriusXM Patriot Channel's Wilkow Majority Show. The show’s host, Andrew Wilkow, stated “(James Marter is) …a serious primary candidate who's running in a juxtaposed set of principles to Adam Kinzinger. If you want Kinzinger out, do not complain about it, support the primary challenger."

Why am I running?  Our rights and freedoms are under attack, thanks in part, to the lack of representation by Adam Kinzinger. As we are seeing this week, if you give the Left an inch, they will take your freedoms: Censoring, disarming, de-platforming, threatening and punishing. – We elect Republicans to protect us from these things, not enable them!

I have taken on the biggest Anti-Republicans in Illinois against all odds and I am not afraid to do it again!  With leftists controlling our Federal Government, it is now more important than ever to replace weak, "path of least resistance" Republicans with patriots who will protect our rights and govern by the Constitution!

Why now?  I had the foresight to take on Kinzinger in 2018, long before Kinzinger's latest President Trump bashing tirade, and Sham Impeachment vote against our President, our Party and America First. 

Back then the swamp Republicans circled the wagon, including the state Party, paying for the lion’s share of Kinzinger's primary campaign against me, while blocking our access to party resources.  He claimed he was with President Trump in spite of his "Never Trumper" status, announcing his support for Hillary while pushing her fake Russian dossier. Later, Kinzinger confirmed on Fox News that he did not vote for President Donald J. Trump in 2016. The Washington-based Democrat wing of the Republican Party covered and assisted Adam in his narrative while he falsely claimed he was conservative across the spectrum.

The fact was KInzinger's Conservative Review score was a big fat “F”-  36%.  On the 2nd Amendment he jumped on and led the federal bump stock ban in Congress, while in Illinois he supported the weak Republicans and Democrats implementing the unconstitutional red flag laws and raising the age of rifle ownership to 21. He continues to muse about other 2A restrictions and “common sense" gun laws.

On immigration issues, Kinzinger remains weak with his NumbersUSA rating a "C"- at best. Mine is an "A+" – true reformer, backing strong borders, no amnesty, and supporting the deportation of criminal illegal aliens.

Kinzinger's long been a frequent flyer on the Fake News media, earning his wings on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, etc. while playing the Woke media darling role he treasures.  He votes for budget busting omnibus bills with funding for Planned Parenthood, with pork galore. He never fights to stop any spending, but is okay with arms deals to terrorist nations.

It will take a strong grassroots effort to keep this House seat in Republican hands. We MUST show the Swamp Establishment early on that 16th CD voters have rallied around a single candidate who will represent them. We must fight the Democrat agenda, not each other!

2022 will prove to be a pivotal year. Congressional district lines will be redrawn, and Illinois is poised to lose one or two of our 18 districts. We just don't know what the new district boundaries will be.  We won't know until summer at the earliest, maybe even very late summer. Democrats will delay as long as possible to disclose the final maps.

I have made many allies and strong grassroots, America first ties throughout the old District, and throughout much of Illinois. I have established my credentials as a hard-working Republican leader, twice elected as a Republican county chairman in the 15th largest of 102 counties.  During my tenure, my county’s Republican candidates have winning records even in tough election years. I have directly increased the number of elected Republican office holders, while many surrounding collar counties are getting shelled and falling to Democrat takeovers.

Here is a quote from a supporter: “So far of the declared candidates for the 16th congressional district in Illinois, James Marter is the only candidate I trust to follow through on his word as an elected official. Other candidates will emerge, but until that happens James Marter, is the best choice.”

When I get to Washington, 16th CD voters will have a proven conservative. I will be serving with deeply-held convictions about putting America first, proactively protecting our freedoms, working for lower taxes and smaller government. I will work to secure our borders, eliminate waste, fraud, and abuse, fight for LIFE and religious liberties. I will do all I can to improve the economy, and stop the Marxist takeover that is harming our lives and robbing future generations of peace, prosperity, and opportunity.

I bring three decades of global industrial experience working daily with friends and colleagues from around America and the world. I have a lifetime of serving my communities, my church, our children, and young adults as a Scout leader and serving as a youth coach in both swimming and basketball.

My faith in God, fellowship, and family are the most important things to me. My beautiful wife Jill and I have been married 35 years. We are blessed with our four children and our first grandchild.

I am asking for your support. Let's talk!  I need you on board early and the nation needs us to win!

Sincerely, James Marter                   

Republican for Illinois

Pro-Trump, Conservative Fighter, Grassroots Approved


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  1. James Marter needs to start campaigning today if he wants to avoid more competition that would divide the anti-
    Kinzinger vote. On top of that, the new ILGOP Chairman, Don Tracy, must let it be known that they will not be supporting Kinzinger. In the past, per former ILGOP Chairman Tim Schneider, incumbents were to be always fully supported by the party. That has to stop now…

  2. Useful idiot.
    All this guy does is split up the anti-Effeminate Kinzinger vote.
    Does he feel a sense of fulfillment by having his name on the ballot?
    Isn’t there anybody credible to challenge the Effeminate Kinzinger?
    Please stop James Marter from being a perpetual loser. Somebody close to him, please make him run for library board or something. He’s in over his head. He will lose 70-30 again.
    There’s a chance to beat the Effeminate Kinzinger, but not with useful idiots like Marter and the other three mopes currently on the ballot. They will allow him to win with 40% of the vote.
    Marter is either a useful idiot or collaborating with Kinzinger. He’s not going to win, so please get out.

  3. I have loved Illinois Review for the past 10-20 years it has been around but it sure would be nice if they could streamline the commenting process. It ruins any potential discussion when it takes 12-24 hours to see comments.
    Maybe use disqus or whatever approach Cal Skinner uses. I understand there are plenty of trolls but there must be a better approach.

  4. I cannot believe that the Illinois GOP has such terrible candidates. If I wanted a Promotion, my boss would ask me what have I done to deserve a Promotion? James Marter has been around a long time. What has he done to deserve a promotion? Absolutely Nothing. He has not spoken out about anything in-particular. What is he known for? Nothing! Come on folks.