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Rossi: The Outrageous Attacks On Our Brave Police Officers



Download (2)By Randy Rossi - 

The American people should be outraged by these horrific and slanderous attacks on our brave police officers that risk their lives every day to protect us by the “Fake News” and liberal Democrats. As horrific as these attacks are, they are also insane since many of these crazy liberal Democrats that attack the police are also demanding that we “Defund the police” who are the only thing that stands between civilization and anarchy!

The people that should be most outraged by these horrific attacks on the police are Blacks who need the police more than anybody else to protect them. According to the 2019 FBI homicide report, while Blacks only make up 13% of our population, Blacks are the victims of 44% of all murders in the US and 78% of the time those Black victims were murdered by Blacks. A Gallup poll proved that Blacks understand this reality as 81% of Blacks don’t want to reduce the police presence in their community and 20% of Blacks actually want more police to protect them. They live in the real world and understand that the police protect them from violent Blacks in their own communities which represent 78% of the people that murder them. Per that Gallup poll, only 19% of Blacks want less police protection. So based on the numbers, 81% of Blacks don’t want to defund the police!

Facts are so inconvenient for these crazy liberal Democrats. While they slander the police and label them as murderers, the fact is that while police make roughly 10 million arrests per year, on average they only fatally shoot about 1000 Americans during those arrests which means that police only fatally shoot Americans in 0.01% of those arrests. What other profession has a 99.99% success rate? From April 2020 through April 2021, only 1,021 Americans were shot and killed by police during an arrest while slightly more than 10 million arrests were being made. The vast majority of those shootings occurred because the perpetrator attacked the police with a weapon and they had to defend themselves. Of those 1,021 people that were shot, only 243 or 24% were Black. Based on pure facts, police aren’t the problem for Blacks, fellow Blacks are. In Chicago alone in 2020, 576 Black people were murdered not by the police, but by fellow Blacks.

While life is hard, its not complex. Any rational person should know that if you reward bad behavior, you will get more bad behavior. If you punish bad behavior, you get less. Human predators also known as criminals will commit less crimes if the police are there to punish them and protect the innocent. Since police only shoot bad people 0.01% of the time while making an arrest to protect good people and the vast majority of the time those shootings are in self-defense, police are the “Good Guys” that protect civilization. Of course there are a few bad police and they should be punished. But the vast majority of police are brave “Good Guys” that risk their lives to protect the people and they are a critical part of a civilized society. As the hard data above proves, 81% of Blacks fully understand this reality and welcome the police to protect them. It is time for all rational and law abiding Americans to stand up for the police who do the right thing 99.99% of the time and thank them for risking their lives to protect them and shame the wacko anarchist liberal Democrats that attack the very “Blue Wall” that protects us and civilization!


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