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Kinzinger does it again



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  1. Thanks all of the fools who voted for this instead of Manzullo. WTF is it with that district electing John B. Anderson and this? Rockford is the worst city in the country. It’s a social services hub. Good job.

  2. Reminder: Kinzinger is actually how the vast majority of ruling class “Republicans” actually are! Until we begin removing them en masse, this is who’s actually setting the agenda for us. The single best thing that Trump did he didn’t even do, they all outed themselves. Hopefully, once he’s renominated again in 2024 the rest of them out themselves. They need to pick a lane and stay in it instead of trying to interfere with and tear down our party, not their party.

  3. Meanwhile every single moderate Republican who could care less about evangelical social values and even some evangelical congregations that aren’t all white are pouring money into this handsome fellas wallet…. Same with Liz Cheney who is sucking up money like a vacuum cleaner as foil to Trump.
    Being the only two Republicans who apparently haven’t been caught in kompromat (Russian: компромат), short for “compromising material” by Trump. Why he wuuuuuvs Putin.
    Cheney and Kinzinger are making big bucks over the decrepit amoral GOP Trump lapdogs.
    You help with these kind of attack posts getting more people to actually notice him and his words. Sometimes the attacks reveal the vulnerabilities. Why in the end running on policy vs attack is act of strength politically.

  4. It’s odd you you are calling “amoral.”
    If Liz and Kinzinger are “sucking up money,” it’s money the RINO Republican leadership is conning out of inattentive Republican supporters who do not pay close attention to what is happening.
    I continually receive GOP fund-raising e-mails asking me to support one or another GOP re-election” fund, but if I sent them any contribution, what guarantee would I have that the money wouldn’t be mis-used to support some RINO like Kinzinger, Romney or Cheney?
    My guess is the DEMOCRAT Party has the most interest in keeping Kinzinger in office.
    He’s their “useful idiot.”