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Illinois attorney Thomas DeVore pleads for help to fight Pritzker



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In an emotional plea via Facebook Tuesday, Illinois attorney Thomas DeVore called for help to fight the Illinois State Board of Education and the power they're using to intimidate local school districts. 

The current issue is mandating COVID masks on local school districts. 

"I've got a school district that's willing to take this fight on, and it has to be fought," DeVore told his LIVE audience, pounding his fist on the desk,"If this issue is not fought with ISBE right now, everybody quit what you're doing and accept there's no limits to the discretion the executive and administrative agencies can rule over you." 

DeVore said he's spoken with a school district attorney from downstate that met with the ISBE on his district's optional mask policy and the representatives could not defend their position of intimidating the district based on the governor's executive powers. 

"If we're not going to support them, what are we going to do?" DeVore said.

UPDATE: To assist DeVore, he's asking for donations HERE - 

His 15 minute discussion is as follows: 


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    Thomas is correct. we’ve become professional “hand wringers, hashtag/meme pimps THAT CAN’T KEEP FOCUS AND TAKE ACTION.
    I’ve gleaned another point, have the school superintendant ask isbe where do they get their authority listed in the Constitution if hb is a proposal to GIVE that authority….that they don’t currently have.
    The school district that’s fighting the good fight, yep they will receive my meager funds because I’ll put my money where my mouth is. I’m still going to a meeting in my local community to discuss this but it’s just starting up and quite frankly…i have LOW expectations of attendance vs the hashtags/memes.
    I get it, it’s “conforming” not transforming.

  2. Tom Devore is a legal hack!! He has not won a damn lawsuit vs JB and the machine. He and Bailey are only suing for political purposes. They do not care if they win. If Devore was privy to any legal database his dumb bumpkin mind would have seen that JB won the same type of suit against a restaurant. Precedence was already set. How does a man who is supposedly so busy filing lawsuits having the time to go on the internet and social media and jaw jack? Most competent lawyers would be figuring out how to win lawsuits instead of calling people sumbitches.