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Rossi: President Biden’s Endless Debacles Are Crushing America & the World




By Randy Rossi - 

Democrat President Biden has only been in office for just 7 months and he has already done more damage to America and the world than any previous president. In today’s news we are hearing that just a few weeks after pulling out American troops from Afghanistan, the Taliban has conquered at least 12 regional capitals in Afghanistan and is about to capture Kabul the capital of Afghanistan in a matter of days or weeks. For 20 years Americans and our allies have shed their blood to stop the Taliban from conquering Afghanistan and Biden has destroyed that investment in people and billions of dollars of tax payer money in just a few weeks after making his terrible decisions. Both the US military and our allies advised President Biden not to withdraw our troops so quickly without a plan to protect the Afghan people from the barbaric Taliban. President Biden ignored their advice. But why should anybody be surprised? When Biden was VP under President Obama, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said that “Joe Biden has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past 4 decades”. Biden’s Afghanistan debacle is just one more example of that. Yet supposedly a majority of Americans voted for him for president.

But that is just snap shot 1 of Biden’s debacles. Take the incredible increase in our gas prices. Under President Trump, America became totally gas and oil independent and actually became a major exporter of gas and oil in the world which created hundreds of thousands of high paying jobs in America. As a result our gas prices dropped dramatically. Within a week of being in office, President Biden destroyed all that. He stopped the Keystone Pipeline which would  have brought even more oil to America from Canada which would have lowered those gas prices even more. Then while he killed the Keystone Pipeline which would have dramatically helped Americans, he supported the Russian Nord Stream Pipeline which helped Russia, hurt our ally  Ukraine, and made our European allies  (especially Germany) dependent on our enemy Russia. That was insane. But thanks to his pressure on US oil and gas manufactures, gas prices have increased dramatically and Americans are angry. So what has President Biden done to address this? Did he help US oil and gas manufacturers produce more oil and gas? Nope, he actually appealed to OPEC to increase their oil production to drive down US oil and gas prices. Not one American works for OPEC folks! Maybe President Biden doesn’t know that or he forgot!

But the worst damage Democrat Biden has done to America is his debacle at the southern Border. We now know that thanks to Biden’s opening the border to illegal immigrants, he has created absolute chaos that is costing Americans their jobs, their health, and is dramatically increasing the billions of dollars that illegal immigrants cost American tax payers every year. President Trump dramatically decreased illegal immigration by building the wall and getting an agreement with Mexico to hold people that want to immigrate into America in Mexico until they can prove that they legally have a right to enter into America. That helped protect American jobs, reduced drug trafficking which kills Americans, and reduced the cost of illegal immigrants to American taxpayers.

Democrat President Biden killed all that progress in his first month in office by stopping the construction of the wall and basically inviting illegal immigrants into America. The new numbers from July show how much damage Biden has done. In July 210,000 illegal immigrants were caught illegally crossing our border which is the highest number in 21 years! 21 years! That’s five times more illegal aliens than last July when Trump was still president! It was a 13% increase over June which was the highest number in 20 years. So far this year approximately 1.2 million illegal immigrants have broken through our borders and at the current rate, we may see over 2 million illegal immigrants breakthrough our border this year. That is insanity and total chaos. And while our border guards handle this massive border invasion, the amount of illegal opioids from China crossing our southern borders has shot through the roof. Last year 94,000 Americans died from opioid overdoses and most of those opioids came from China through our southern border. No doubt that number will increase this year thanks to Biden’s border chaos! Compare that tragedy to the 346 Americans that have died from being shot by rifles of every kind in the last year reported by the FBI including dishonestly labeled “assault rifles”. Which gets more coverage in the “Fake News”, 346 deaths by rifles or 94,000 deaths by opioids?

These are just a few examples of the massive damage that Democrat President Joe Biden has done to America and the world in just 7 months. The only way to stop him in the short term is to give “real” Republicans back the control of the Senate and the House in 2022. Then in 2024 we must elect the best Republican candidate for president to save America and protect our freedom!


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  1. If you remember who in your neighborhood had a Biden election sign in their yards, make up a few yard signs saying BIDEN VOTER, with an arrow pointing to their houses, and place them pointing that way.
    It’s time people learned who are the fools in their midst, who helped to create this mess.
    It’s “shaming time.”