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New GOP candidate tosses tech hat in the governor’s race



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PETERSBURG – While no one is yet officially on the 2022 GOP Gubernatorial Primary ballot, another person joined the effort to challenge JB Pritzker's re-election next year: Silicon Valley entrepreneur Jesse Sullivan, who now lives with his wife and four children in Petersburg, Illinois.

Jesse Sullivan – a relative unknown in Illinois Republican politics – announced his entry with a stunning $11 Million warchest – all funds from outside Illinois: 

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Sullivan's website describes him as thus: 

I am a fifth generation Illinoisan, who was born, raised, and now lives in Petersburg, a mile from where President Abraham Lincoln first entered politics. Lincoln has always filled my imagination as our nation’s greatest political example of moral leadership, and I am running for Governor because our state should be exceptional, but our politics are terrible – I want to make Illinois a “shining city on a hill” that Lincoln would be proud of.

He continues …

Growing up on our family farm as one of 8 Sullivan kids (and many more cousins), I learned the values of hard work, faith, family, and service – the priorities of my life.

Faith is at the core of who I am, and it is what is calling our family to take on this newest challenge. My primary mission in this life is to know, love, and serve God. True success in this life is to have the discipline to discern the will of God, and to have the freedom to follow it.

The greatest treasure God has given me are my wife and children, my parents, my siblings, and my extended family. It is my responsibility and my joy as husband, father, son, brother to love, protect, and help them grow in faith, love, and character. My wife Monique and I live in my hometown of Petersburg where our four young children (with a fifth on the way!), who are being raised with the same deep-rooted Illinois values that I was raised with. We are foster parents to two teen girls and help other families who are involved in the foster care system, which has taught me just how broken our system is, and how much work we have to do to make it easier for young mothers to bring children into the world.

All that is professionally written, and seems to aim for the IL GOP's conservative base. 

However, his campaign priorities don't touch on faith, family – and just a little bit on service. From our perspective, they resemble Bruce Rauner's priorities: 

  • High Taxes
  • Corrupt Politicians
  • High Crime 
  • Poor Return on Investment 

Who is Jesse Sullivan? Why does he think he can win in Illinois? We haven't had a chance to ask yet. (Our email address is [email protected])

Set aside the supposed billionaire status – Illinois has had plenty of that in recent governors. What would Sullivan stand for, not just against? 

Here's information from Alter Global – the business the Stanford University graduate co-founded and made him a wealthy man: 

Screen Shot 2021-09-10 at 3.52.15 PM


Screen Shot 2021-09-10 at 3.54.24 PM

Sullivan says he wants to end Illinois' era of high taxes, corruption and crime in Illinois.

Screen Shot 2021-09-10 at 3.33.50 PM

Let's hear more – and a full explanation of this photo recently dug up on the internet: 



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  1. Controlled opposition. At least Darren Bailey will give us a better chance to take Downstate U.S. House seats and be the first real conservative to run for Governor of Illinois in my life time and start the rebuilding process for the Republicans after the Rauner and Kinzinger debacles. This is a message that, like the tens of millions spent against Jeanne Ives, Republican “moderates” would rather the Illinois Republican Party continue to die rather than have anything change. This is also a message to another conservative they did everything to defeat—Kirk Dillard—that he better not try again.

  2. Well one campaign staffer from the Rabine campaign, when asked Do you know if Gary Rabine will support Pro life legislation if it comes to his desk …replied. DON’T YOU SEE THE NEED TO BE AMBIGUOUS? I thought that was bad, no we have Worse! Nothing about pro life, Illegal immigration NADA. reminds me of Bruce Rauner. And you know what he did. Bruce Rauner gave us J B Pritzker.

  3. I will wait to hear more about this young man (37 years old, I believe). I will not automatically pre-judge him. Nor will I hold it against him for holding a Masters of Business Administration degree from Stanford University and being successful in business. It is very possible that his very wealthy friends on the west coast are simply patriots and they wish to help fix this country “one state at a time”. The clock is ticking and Mr. Sullivan needs to start travelling the state of Illinois to introduce himself and educate us on “Who Jesse Sullivan really is and what he stands for”. I look forward to hearing and seeing him.

  4. Is Catalina going to get a Republican set aside Latinx district too? I don’t see how Republicans can win in the future if nothing is done about all the set aside districts being drawn up to elect people on race when they are supposed to represent people of all races in their district not just their own race? I love how I am called racist for talking about this where is the Greek language on ATMs press for Greek or Greek set aside district for my people?

  5. This man deserves serious consideration. To come back to Illinois when many have left it, and to declare devotion to God and core American values in this time of serious testing and derision of our culture takes serious courage and personal determination. We need to reaffirm the value of American traditions, faith in God, Western civilization and the blessing of liberty. The next two years must be about making sure we vote for people who will win and carry through on doing this.
    H.M. Sheldon

  6. YEP!
    It’s started!
    Bender said she filled out a provisional ballot and “left really angry.”
    Bender added that, to her knowledge, many of those affected by this issue are self-identified Republicans, and she’s suspicious.
    How are IL Republicans supposed to win without dealing with the voter fraud problem? We need more Poll workers and Poll watchers in Chicago and Cook County especially.

  7. Would a real, principled conservative seek out participation in a leadership program run by Bill Clinton?
    Merely having your picture taken with the guy may not be so bad. I have even had my picture taken with a couple of Democrats over the years, the very rarely…
    But to intentionally participate in a Clinton project is undeniably going to be taken as some tacit respect for Clinton.
    And it is very difficult not to think of that as an absolute dealbreaker for a man running for any Republican nomination. For any office.

  8. That IS a problem.
    Too many women vote on emotion, not evidence.
    “Feelings” and emotions are CHEAP, and EASY.
    Put three or more women together in a group and they’ll wear each other down, because they want to be “inclusive,” don’t want to “offend” each other.
    Measure that against STRONG women, conservatives like Jeanne Ives and Margaret Thatcher, and you will understand what I mean.
    (I bet I’ll catch Hell for this one)