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Family group calls for Durbin and Duckworth to reject radical Biden Administration nominee



Biden Administration's nominee for Education Dept has radical views, group says

DC – Family Research Council Action – a national group focused on preserving traditional family values – sounded an alarm last week for Illinoisans to contact their US Senators and demand they oppose President Biden's nomination for a position that would allow radical views to be imposed on the nation's education system.

From Family Research Action: 

Yesterday, Senate Democrats discharged the nomination of Catherine Lhamon out of the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee where her nomination has been stuck since early August. This makes her nomination eligible for a floor vote! She has been nominated to serve as the assistant secretary for the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) at the U.S. Department of Education (ED). Lhamon’s radical views on Title IX and gender identity ideology, as well as her poor defense of religious liberty when she previously held this position, make her unsuitable for this nomination.  

Family Research Action then posted a link that would provide an appeal directly to Illinois' US Senators Dick Durbin and Tammy Duckworth HERE.

Lhamon, FRA says, has an established track record of pushing a radical agenda on sexuality. Under President Obama, she issued a “Dear Colleague” letter that threatened to remove funding from schools that failed to implement policies in line with this agenda. Lhamon’s letter:

  • required schools to allow biological boys who identify as girls into private spaces meant for biological girls, such as restrooms and locker rooms;
  • required schools to place biological boys who identify as girls in the housing designated for biological girls on school trips; and
  • required schools to “treat students consistent with their gender identity even if their education records or identification documents indicate a different sex.”

Lhamon has also demonstrated her desire to elevate gender identity ideology above religious freedom. During her tenure, the Education Department’s official website began publishing a “shame list” of religious colleges and universities that requested a religious waiver from the Obama administration’s radical reinterpretation of Title IX (to include sexual orientation and gender identity) in order to not violate their religious beliefs. While acknowledging that such waivers are legally allowed, Lhamon stressed her support for the re-definition of sex discrimination, saying that the ED would “vigorously enforce Title IX’s prohibition against discrimination on the basis of sex, including gender identity, in every applicable school.”

Catherine Lhamon has a history of weaponizing radical leftist ideology to threaten schools and punish religious colleges and universities. It is clear that her policies will be dangerous for women and girls and will severely undermine religious liberty.

"Please take a moment right now to tell Senator Duckworth and Whip Durbin to oppose Catherine Lhamon’s nomination," FRC Action asks.


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