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Rossi: We Are Leaving Our Children and Grandchildren a National Disaster




By Randy Rossi - 

As a “Baby Boomer” who grew up in the greatest, most prosperous, and most powerful nation in world history that brought freedom to over one billion people in Europe and Asia in WWI, WWII, and in the Cold War; I never dreamed that I would be saying that we are leaving our children and grandchildren a national disaster that is putting this great nation and their futures and freedom at great risk.

As I grew up I was surrounded by incredibly brave men that risked their lives in WWI and WWII to defend America and our freedom. In school we were taught that America was built on freedom and we proudly pledged allegiance to our flag every day and sang our National Anthem at all our football, basketball, and baseball games. We were taught that 650,000 Americans died in the Civil War to end slavery before most nations on Earth ended slavery.

We were taught the brilliance of our Founding Fathers who risked their lives and fortunes by signing the Declaration of Independence which declared freedom from the most powerful nation in the world, England. When they won that war, they then created the greatest document for freedom ever written by mankind, The US Constitution with its brilliant Bill of rights that protect the rights given to us by God, not men. Our ancestors handed us the most prosperous, powerful, and freest nation in world history!

Tragically, all that freedom and prosperity is under severe threat because of the incredibly tragic decline of our culture and the rapid rise of socialism and a dictatorial government that is attacking the Bill of Rights and our freedom while it attacks the core values and strengths of our great republic. On top of that we have a highly liberal public school system that is attacking our core values, dismissing our glorious history, and creating hatred for America while it pushes the insane “Critical Race Theory” and the horribly dishonest “1619 Project” that dishonestly and immorally spreads the lie that America was built on slavery and discrimination.

On top of that, we have a senile socialist Democrat president and socialist Democrat Party that needlessly shut our economy down and kicked 56 million kids out of school because of Covid causing massive damage to our economy and our kids when not one healthy kid under 18 has died from Covid out of 56 million and the average age of Americans who died from Covid is 80 which is older than the average age of death from all other causes. Almost as bad, this senile socialist president and his administration caused massive damage to America’s reputation and honor by cowardly and stupidly withdrawing from Afghanistan while abandoning American citizens and American allies and putting their lives and freedom at great risk.

Our enemies China, Russia, and Iran are licking their lips as they realize that our weak senile president doesn’t have the courage or strength to stand up for freedom and this great country which puts world peace and prosperity at great risk. China is now threatening our ally Taiwan and illegally sending over a hundred of its warplanes into Taiwan’s airspace to threaten them knowing that senile Joe won’t stand up for Taiwan.

China is the “Nazi Germany” of our time which uses slave labor to steal American business and make the free world dependent on their cheap products including our medicines. Sadly American and European corporations are sending millions of their country’s jobs to China for lower prices and to get access to China’s 1.4 billion customers. They care more about sales and profits than protecting American jobs and freedom and our senile and weak socialist president doesn’t seem to care.

And on top of that disaster, this destructive president has created massive chaos and anarchy at our southern border essentially welcoming in illegal aliens which take American jobs, bring in covid, and cost American tax payers billions of dollars a year. And senile Joe is promoting this to get more votes for the socialist Democrat Party in the future. If all that is not bad enough, these socialist Dems want to jam a massive $3.5 trillion disaster down the throats of Americans that will bankrupt our great nation and ruin our children’s futures. Every new born American baby already has roughly $90,000 of US debt on their shoulders, and this insane bill if passed will dramatically increase that debt and destroy America’s economy and kill our incredible work ethic which made America great.

We are watching our great republic sink into anarchy and chaos just as today’s “Axis of Evil”; China, Russia, and Iran are preparing to take over the world economy and freedom as America rapidly declines and poses no threat to them. The good news is that national polling is showing that a majority of Americans have very low approval ratings for our senile socialist president and if they stand up and defend our great republic, we still have time to save it and the futures of our children and grandchildren.

But the clock is ticking and China, Russia, and Iran are getting ready to try and take over the global economy and destroy our freedom. It is now or never if we want to protect the futures and freedom of our children and grandchildren.

The American people need to stand up and be heard and then kick out these socialist Dems in the 2022 election and take back control of the House and Senate to stop senile Joe and his socialist Dem allies before they destroy our great republic and the futures of our kids and grandkids!


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