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Gov. Pritzker sacrifices communities across the state for partisan maps



From Change Illinois on Governor Pritzker signing into law the congressional map that they say "predetermines winners and losers": 

Never before have Illinoisans seen such a brazen show of how corrosive politician-led redistricting can be for voters and communities across the state. For the third time, Governor J.B. Pritzker signed a map, mired in a process lacking transparency, putting partisan self-interests above the needs of people in communities across the state. 

The result is a congressional map of predetermined winners and losers in nearly all seventeen districts. The map is undemocratic and leaves all voters without choices, undermining the very elections that are supposed to allow voters to hold officials accountable. 

The culmination of the legislative and congressional remapping further exemplifies the need for redistricting to be placed in the hands of independent commissioners who have no political or personal incentives to pervert redistricting as a tool to silence people and secure power for the few. We must forge a better path forward that empowers people in communities with fair elections so they can define their futures. 

Current and future generations of Illinoisans deserve fair maps.

The CHANGE Illinois Action Fund is a 501(c)(4) nonpartisan, nonprofit. 


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