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Parker: House Progressives Lose Sight of Reality




By Star Parker - 

Rep. Cori Bush, a Democrat left-wing “squad” member in the House, attacked Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin for his opposition to the multitrillion-dollar Build Back Better Act.

Manchin is “anti-Black, anti-child, anti-woman and anti-immigrant,” according to Bush because of his opposition to this megaspending welfare bill.

If Bush wants to identify politicians hurting Blacks, children, women and immigrants, she needn’t go further than to look in the mirror.

Bush represents Missouri’s 1st Congressional district, which includes a big chunk of St. Louis.

The district is 49% Black. According to Census Reporter, median household income in the district is $50,163, compared with a U.S. average of $65,712; the poverty rate is 16.4%, compared with a national average of 12.3%; and 41% of households are headed by a married couple, compared with a 60% nationwide average.

Only someone who thinks history is irrelevant would believe that plunging low-income Americans deeper into government dependency will free them from the cycle of poverty and underachievement.



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