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Paul Schimpf points to Youngkin’s emphasis on parents as winning agenda



Screen_Shot_2021-02-26_at_4.02.02_PMCHICAGO – Republican candidate for Illinois governor Paul Schimpf celebrated new Virginia Governor-Elect Glenn Youngkin’s victory Tuesday, saying that Youngkin’s win sends a message that Republicans can prevail in so-called “blue” states by focusing on issues that are relevant to everyday Americans.
“I’m thrilled to see Governor-Elect Youngkin win in Virginia,” Schimpf said. “But it isn’t just that he won, it’s how he won. He ran a thoughtful, inspired campaign that spoke to voters on what matters most—their wallets, their freedom, and, most importantly, their children.”

“This is also my vision for our state, and I fully believe that this is the blueprint for how to connect with voters and win in Illinois as well,” Schimpf added. “Illinoisans are fed up with corrupt, partisan politics and the blue-red divide and just want to know that their communities are safe, the economy is strong, and they can give their kids the best possible future.”
“To make that vision a reality for Illinois, we need to clean up corruption, support our law enforcement community, and reduce our state’s massive tax burden to grow our economy for working families,” he said.

“Governor-Elect Youngkin was able to persuade voters across the ideological spectrum and regardless of party by appealing to their core values and priorities,” Schimpf continued. “And, just as Youngkin stressed in his campaign, nothing is more important to me than for parents—not the government—to have the power to decide what’s best for kids when it comes to education, health, and more.”
Pushing back against the Pritzker Administration and Springfield Democrats’ desire to have more and more control over our lives, Schimpf has proposed an “Illinois Parents’ Bill of Rights,” which ensures that parents of minor children have a variety of educational, financial, and health-related rights when it comes to raising their kids as they see fit.
Explaining the importance of parental rights further, Schimpf elaborated that “a pro-family reset is long overdue. Let’s restore the relationship between the parents of Illinois and their government to one that gives back to parents the autonomy and respect that they never should have lost in the first place.”
As the next Governor of Illinois, Schimpf's campaign says he "will be a common-sense conservative leader who will stand up for parents, stand up for small businesses, and stand up for everyday Illinoisans."

"That’s what it will take to fix Illinois, and that’s what Paul Schimpf can deliver," they said.


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