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Rossi: Shocking Covid Reality Check



Rm206-jj-01aBy Randy Rossi - 

Every week I check the Covid death rates of Sweden and Michigan. Why? Because they both have a population of 10 million people and they have done the exact opposite of each other on how they react to Covid. The results are absolutely shocking and this should be front page news across the planet. First, let me share the key issues between Sweden and Michigan:

Michigan and Sweden Covid Management

  • Population: both have a population of 10 million.
  • Economic shutdown: While Michigan did shut down its economy because of Covid, Sweden did not. The people of Michigan suffered massive pain and suffering because of those Covid shutdowns. Swedes did not experience that pain and suffering from Covid shutdowns!
  • School shutdowns: Michigan shut down its schools because of Covid which caused massive lifetime academic, social, and psychological harm to all students. Sweden did not shut down their schools and caused no harm to their students. Not one Swedish child under 18 out of 1.8 million died from Covid!
  • Mask mandates: Michigan has strict mask mandates especially at schools. Sweden does not, especially at schools.
  • Vaccine mandates: Michigan has strict Covid vaccine mandates both state and federal. Sweden does not have Covid vaccine mandates.
  • Vaccine for children: Michigan is aggressively pushing Covid vaccines for young children. Sweden does not and has stopped Moderna vaccines for people under 30 because of myocarditis frequency.
  • Michigan is requiring Covid vaccine passports to travel and go to public places. Sweden, Norway, and Denmark do not require Covid vaccine passports.

Results: Obviously the two could not possibly be more different in how they handled Covid. So what are the results?

  • Sweden has had 15,076 Covid deaths as of 11/12/2021 (00.15% of the population)
  • Michigan has had 24,284 Covid deaths as of 11/12/2021 (00.24% of the population)
  • Michigan has had 61.1% more Covid deaths than Sweden and has caused massive harm and damage to its people while Sweden has protected its children and let its people live their lives as they see fit. That’s called freedom! As a result, the Swedish people have lived far better lives than the folks in Michigan!

Knowing these facts, what rational person would follow Michigan’s example? Yet you will never see these facts on the “Fake News” or from our government that wants total control over your life while “Big Pharma” makes billions of dollars of profits because of Covid Vaccine mandates.

All this information is publicly available. I check “Statista” to get this data weekly. You can too if you want the truth.

On top of all this, the federal government’s own VAERS data on vaccines (managed by the CDC and FDA) shows that more Americans have died from Covid vaccines over the last 12 months than from all other vaccines combined since 1990!!!!! The same applies to people having life threatening reactions and hospitalizations. Here is the data available to the public under VAERS:

VAERS: US Data on Covid Vaccine since 12/20/2020 to 11/5/2021 vs All Other Vaccines from 1990 to 11/5/2021

                                            Covid Vaccine     All Other Vaccines Combined

Life Threatening Reactions    9,882                 9,813

Hospitalizations                    39,629               38,519

Deaths                                  8,456                5,182

Don’t believe me? Check out this publicly available information for yourself by Googling (I prefer DuckDuck.Go!)  Statista Covid deaths in Sweden and then Michigan. Then check out the latest VAERS data on line. Once you verify what I am saying, ask yourself why this isn’t front page news. The answer is simple. The government doesn’t want the American people to know the truth because they want the “sheep” to follow them over the cliff to socialism and total government control over their lives!! The Covid vaccine is the most dangerous vaccine in modern  history. While the risk/benefit ratio is reasonable for older people or people with other serious health issues, that should be your choice. Especially if you are young and healthy. Added to that, science has shown that people who have had Covid have 27 times more Covid antibodies then people who are vaccinated have. Why force the tens of millions of Americans who have had Covid to take this vaccine? For people who have had Covid, the vaccine is far more dangerous than Covid is! All American should have access to the facts and the ability to make their own informed decisions.


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